ASKO - Choice Clothes Dryer Review

Choice Clothes Dryer Review

Thursday, 7. January 2016
In Choice's latest Dryer review, the ASKO T884XLCHP Tumble Dryer was found to offer the largest capacity at the lowest running cost over a 10 year period, achieving an overall score of 83%.

Choice scored the 10kg machine with a drying time score of 79% and an energy efficiency score of 91%.

Some of the key points mentioned the in review about this model include:
• Excellent energy efficiency
• Has extra dry program
• Has child lock control
• Has delay time
• Relatively short cycle time

The T884CLXHP is a perfect match with the ASKO 10kg washing machines W8844XL and W8844XLECO

To view the Choice results, download the attachment below