ASKO - What’s the right cooktop for you?

What’s the right cooktop for you?

When it comes to updating your kitchen, you’re invariably confronted by an array of decisions, but if you’re a passionate home cook, few are as important as your choice of cooktop.

While induction cooking has long been popular in Europe, until recently, we really only tended to choose between gas and electric. All of that has now changed, induction cooking is one of the most popular – and prevalent – kitchen trends we’ve seen in recent years.

Introduction to induction

Induction cooktops use coils of metal beneath the cooking surface to generate electromagnetic currents. When a cast iron or stainless steel pan is placed on the cooking surface, the magnetic field created by the coil of metal below creates electrical currents that penetrate the pan’s base, heating it up.

Because heating only occurs when pan and cooktop are in contact, induction cooking is extremely energy efficient. And, whoever said ‘a watched pot never boils,’ wasn’t cooking on an induction cooktop, because they heat up super-fast!

Induction is also very safe option, especially if you have little ones in the kitchen, because the cooking surface cools instantly when you remove your pan.

From a design perspective, an induction cooktop will blend seamlessly with your benchtops, which is particularly great when you have limited food preparation space in your kitchen. The integrated, low-profile, of induction, and the speed with which it heats up cools down, enables you to repurpose the cooking surface, perhaps popping your chopping board there while you are preparing a meal, and dishing up from the cooktop when everything is ready.

With matt and gloss surfaces presenting two distinct options in today’s kitchen designs, induction cooktops offer a matt surface that works incredibly well with modern interiors, but will blend into the background in traditional interiors. You also have the choice of making a feature of your cooktop by placing it in a white bench top, or hiding it in a dark bench top (which helps create the illusion of space when you have a small kitchen to work with).

Induction’s smart controls allow you to set cooktop timers (a feature usually only associated with ovens) and they have a lock mechanism so little ones can’t accidentally press button and turn it on. Plus, with no rings and knobs to content with, induction couldn’t be easier to clean once you’ve finished up in the kitchen.

Induction cooktops do require specific cookware, however, so you need to factor that expense into your costings when you’re planning your new kitchen.

Cooking with gas

Choosing a gas cooktop for your kitchen is heavily influenced by the way you want to cook. I always feel a gas cooker gives a kitchen a feeling of strength, and provides an anchor for the space. There’s something substantial and businesslike about a gas cooktop that screams ‘workhorse,’ and that sets the scene for your purpose in the kitchen, and for your interior.

Gas cooking gives you precise heat control. You don’t need special pans to cook with gas, and gas cooking is particularly suited when you need intense bursts of heat, like wok frying. 

Gas cooktops offer a range of colours from the traditional white, to modern stainless steel, to anthracite, which can really elevate the look of a space.

Another beauty of gas cooktops is that there’s a size available to suit every need from 600cm wide to one metre. And just because you have raised trivets the wide range of colours and finishes doesn’t mean you can’t blend your cooktop into your benchtops.

Why choose?

One of my favourite things about working with Asko is their Duo Fusion range, which allows you to mix both gas and induction cooking methods. With Duo Fusion you can enjoy the practicality and streamlined finish of induction cooking, with the intense heat capabilities of the wok burner in an adjacent module.

With my own kitchen at Borough of Hawthorn, I really wanted my cooktop to disappear into the backdrop of my bench tops, which I got with induction, but my wok burner gives me the option to cook in different ways when I want to.

If you match your choice of cooktop to the type of cooking you want to be able to do, you put your kitchen at the heart of your home, creating a sense of harmony and family combined with all-important functionality.