ASKO - The Duo Fusion II Cooktop:

The Duo Fusion II Cooktop:

Have you considered all the positives and negatives of an induction cooktop? Read gas cooktop information time and time again, but still can’t decide which one is best for you? It’s a tough decision, yet choosing a new cooktop for your kitchen doesn’t have to be so hard.

ASKO’s new Duo Fusion II Cooktop offers a range of capabilities, making kitchen woes a thing of the past.

Let’s have a look at why this multi-function cooktop is the perfect appliance, with some helpful tips from The Block’s Shaynna Blaze.

Combining two energy sources in one unit

The Duo Fusion II cooktop combines gas and induction cooking in the one unit. This makes your home kitchen a more versatile place.

“It becomes a chef’s kitchen when you can match your gas and your induction together,” Shaynna says.

This state of the art unit allows the everyday home cook to become a home chef and  eliminates the need to decide on whether to opt for gas or induction cooking.

Dual cooking modes (wok and automatic cooking)

Do you want to be able to slow cook and fast cook at the same time? The Duo Fusion II is equipped with features that allow you to do just that.

“The great thing is that you can actually boil your water on induction quicker than a kettle, while you are actually slow cooking something on the other side with gas,” Shaynna explains. This allows cooking to an easier, smoother process, giving you the ability in a busy household.

Zoned cooking function

The Duo Fusion II cooktop comes with a bridge induction function fully built in. This new technology creates zoned cooking, providing you with more options. It gives you the flexibility to cook on two individual zones so you can use half the space, or the entire cooking zone.You can also use the large zone for those odd sized pots and pans – perfect for large family cook-ups. The bridge induction can also be used with ASKO Teppanyaki and Grill plates for another layer of usability and features.

Intuitive controls

Shaynna suggests that simplicity is the key to design, and she’s right.

The Duo Fusion II has several controls, yet all relate directly to the cooking zone closest to the control. Symbols are used to indicate functions such as pause, child lock or eco standby, allowing for easy control. It uses a pan detection, which activates when the pan is on the cooktop and deactivates when it is removed. All of these features help to create a highly functional, yet easy to use cooktop, with no fussing around needed.

Sleek matte black design

The edgy design not only complements a modern kitchen, it enhances it. The black ceramic glass can simply be cleaned with a damp cloth, it is fingerprint- proof, and as the glass around the zones doesn’t heat up, food cannot burn onto the surface. This is perfect for the messy cook, or a big family with limited time to clean. Best of all, the cooktop can easily be incorporated into any kitchen design to enhance style and functionality.

The Duo Fusion II cooktop takes home cooking to the next level, with Shaynna’s tips adding extra benefits to the range..

“Simplicity, convenience and ease are what make a great kitchen,” she says.