ASKO - Why You Should Add a Steam Oven

Why you should add a steam oven to your kitchen appliance selection

The technological advances of the past two decades in domestic kitchens mean combi steam ovens have become a must-have item on many new kitchen shopping lists.

Steam ovens are in demand for good reason — they offer healthy, simple and fast cooking of a huge variety of foods. For customers who haven’t bought kitchen appliances in a long time, or maybe ever, they can seem a bit mysterious, but it’s not as difficult as you might think to integrate combi steam into your everyday meal preparation.

The latest cooking technology

Combi steam ovens harness the ability to cook using steam and to combine it with traditional convection oven cooking. This gives the flexibility of cooking all your favourite dishes with the option of adding humidity to keep foods moist and more nutritious.

Cook almost any type of food using steam and combi steam

Foods which are traditionally steamed on a cooktop — such as rice, vegetables, fish, chicken, eggs, puddings and custards — can all be cooked in a steam oven using the steam mode.

ASKO’s steam ovens really excel when it comes to combination steam cooking. Any food which might otherwise dry out in the oven, can benefit from being cooked using combi steam. Roasted meats and vegetables, braised dishes, cakes, quiches, breads and pastry are all great candidates for cooking with the addition of some steam.

Compact and full-sized steam ovens to suit any kitchen

Because steam ovens can help you to cook healthier food, faster than you’d be able to do using traditional oven methods, they appeal to a wide range of people. While early steam ovens only came in a compact size, today’s appliances are available in full-sized versions too, to integrate seamlessly into any kitchen.

Full-sized steam ovens are particularly good if you entertain frequently or have a family to feed, while compact versions are useful for single people or couples, who may not want to heat a full-sized oven every time they cook.

Choosing the best steam oven for your kitchen comes down to aesthetic appeal and your layout as well as functionality. All of ASKO’s steam ovens are versatile, contemporary and stylish, and are built to last.

Liane Lockwood recently purchased ASKO appliances for a new kitchen, including a combi steam oven.

She says, “I bought two ASKO ovens, both full-sized.” Lockwood opted for the fullsized combi steam oven partly so she had the ability to cook larger quantities of food, but also because it fit in with her kitchen’s design.

“Some of the other combi steam ovens were too small, and I have my ovens side by side so wanted them to be the same size.”

Shopping for a steam oven

Lockwood says that prior to shopping for her own steam oven, she’d read about them in magazines but didn’t know anyone who owned one.

She adds: “I did a full kitchen renovation, and having decided I wanted two ovens, I started looking at combi steam ovens.

“The healthy cooking style was an attraction, and I chose ASKO because I thought they were good value for quality.”

Whichever your choice, when you go shopping for a steam oven it’s great to have an idea of where in your space you’ll be installing your appliances, what your budget is and what sort of style you’re after.

ASKO’s network of more than 600 retailersaround Australia can assist you to select the best model for your home, while attending one of our product demonstrations will ensure you know how to use your appliance once it’s installed.

Learning to use a steam oven

Keep in mind that combi steam cooking is up to 40 per cent faster than conventional oven cooking, so although you don’t need to alter temperature settings, you’ll probably need to adjust your cooking times accordingly for many dishes.

When using a steam oven, you can also use less fat in many dishes, as the humidity keeps your food very moist and locks in flavours and nutrients.

ASKO steam ovens come with a complimentary six-month membership to Cooking With Steam, a subscription recipe website devoted to combi steam cooking. Making use of your subscription is a great way to get confident making dishes in your steam oven, and once you’re used to the cooking methods you can begin adapting your own recipes.