ASKO - Space saving tips with ASKO by Shaynna Blaze

Space saving tips with ASKO by Shaynna Blaze

With the prevalence of high-density housing on the rise, space is of an absolute premium in many Australian houses and apartments, which means we have to think a little bit smarter when it comes to planning the hardest working areas of our homes.

Not everyone has the luxury of a butler’s pantry where they can stow copious kitchen appliances, a dedicated laundry room, or a back garden or conservatory area where they can do their drying.   

Thanks to reality TV, home cooking is almost as hot right now as home renovating, and many home cooks now need two or three different types of ovens to achieve their culinary ambitions. The reality is that not everyone’s home can accommodate a commercial sized kitchen in their two bedroom apartment.

Enter the combination oven! Whether you’re looking for a steam oven combined with a traditional oven, or a microwave oven combined with a traditional oven, with two oven functions in one appliance you achieve instant space-saving results.

Personally I find that when you have a steam/traditional oven combo, you tend to steam your food more because it’s such an effective way to cook, then just crisp up what you’re cooking at the end using the traditional functions. But, whether you’re roasting or whipping up baked goods, there’s an oven combo that allows you to enjoy the best of all worlds.

Where previously wannabe master chefs had to pick a cooktop and live with that choice for years, today’sduo fusion cooktops, which combine gas and induction cooking, are another great way of multi-purposing your kitchen appliances.

And, if you want to take things to an even higher (heat) level, ASKO’s HIG1995AD Pro series Duo Fusion Cooktop with its Fusion Volcano wok burner, gives you the ability to get your cooking up to temp rapidly with the induction function, while providing the high intensity heat for fast flash cooking that you can’t achieve with induction alone. Maximum functionality, minimum space taken up on your benchtop, is a winning recipe in my book!

In an age where European laundries are de rigueur, and it’s not unusual to find laundry appliances in a bathroom or behind cabinetry in a kitchen, innovative space-saving appliances are at a premium.

If you’re tussling with a very tight space in which to accommodate your washer and dryer, you may find you need to stack these key laundry appliances. That’s where Asko’s hidden helpers come into their own. Subtle and stylish, pull-out shelves and pedestal drawers blend perfectly with the appliances they support. The pedestal keeps your washing machine up off the floor so you don’t have to bend down so far to load and unload your washing. The pull-out shelves sit neatly between your washer and dryer, creating invaluable bench space when it comes time to transfer your washing from washer to dryer, or fold your clean laundry once it’s dry.

If, however, you have the space to position your washer and dryer side by side, consider installing one of Asko’s kicker drawers underneath each appliance, and a pull out shelf above them, doubling your bench space and creating some valuable storage for laundry essentials like washing powder, softener, tumble dryer sheets, and pegs.

Designed to help you maximise your available laundry space, these hidden helpers are a must have in every space challenged laundry, adding an extra touch of convenience to every load.

Then we come to the – sometimes-challenging – prospect of getting laundry dry in today’s apartments, flats and townhouses. If you don’t have a Hills Hoist or the space to stand clothing airers, a drying cabinet could be the answer.

Sleek and slim-lined, the compact design of Asko’s drying cabinet conceals capacity wardrobe of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe fame would be proud of. Almost unbelievably, there’s the equivalent to 16 metres of clothesline space in an Asko drying cabinet! It’s also great for drying bulky items like wet boots, ski gear, heavy jumpers and bulky jackets – perfect for the times of year when wet woollies take days on end to dry.

Plus Asko’s drying cabinet is a gentle alternative for drying delicate items that you don’t want to throw in a tumble dryer.

I love the hidden organisation of Asko’s space-saving kitchen and laundry appliances. As we’ve come to expect with Swedish design, each piece integrates seamlessly with your cabinetry prioritizing form as well as functionality. And, as with all great design, each piece provides a simple solution to a household challenge, and improves the look and function of your home simultaneously.