ASKO - How installing a new kitchen can improve your life

How installing a new kitchen can improve your home life

Australia’s lifestyle means cooking and sharing food is something many of us do frequently at home, and high quality kitchen appliances and fittings can have a big impact on how enjoyable we find preparing our meals to be.

Whether it’s a renovation or part of a whole-house build, installing a kitchen is a big undertaking, and can be an expensive one too. A fantastic kitchen can add considerable value to your home, but for those of us who don’t plan to sell anytime soon, it can also improve day to day life when it comes to eating and entertaining.

How do Australians eat and cook?

One recent report suggests 74 per cent of Australians are likely to prepare five or more of their seven weekly dinners at home, and almost nine in ten of us have a desire to be more adventurous in the kitchen.

Caitlin Tischhauser recently installed a kitchen into a new house build. She says her family’s eating habits have already improved after only a few weeks using her new space.

“I didn’t enjoy cooking in our previous kitchen because it wasn’t user friendly and the appliances were difficult to use and clean,” she says.

I decided that when we built, I wanted a space which inspired me to go beyond staple weeknight meals, and good, user-friendly appliances are a big part of that.

“Having a really considered layout —  and better quality fittings —  means we can move from fridge to sink, to cooktop or oven, much more easily and it’s made me so enthusiastic about cooking.”

Given Australians’ desire to experiment with cooking, many people opt for appliances such as steam ovens and induction cooktops when designing a new kitchen. These newer technologies allow for faster, more precise cooking and greater flexibility with recipes. They’re a great selling feature if you plan to move on from your kitchen, too.

Why do quality kitchen appliances make such a big difference?

Good appliances are not just about fancy functions or settings, says Tischhauser.

“I’m not someone who cooks very elaborate food, but having an oven and a cooktop which are reliable, well built and cook evenly makes it so much more appealing to make dinner. I know that my time won’t be wasted because the temperature isn’t consistent in the oven, or because the gas burner won’t switch on.”

Tischhauser believes her new appliances, although an investment financially, will stand up to the heavy use of a young family and still look good for years to come.

“It’s important to me that I don’t have to replace major appliances within a couple of years, so that was part of the decision to buy something like ASKO, which has a reputation for lasting.”

How to get the best from new appliances

If a new kitchen is on the cards for you, our number one tip for making the most of your appliances is to set aside some time to go through the settings and manufacturer recommendations. Keep your manuals handy, along with a pen to jot down extra notes as you become familiar with your kitchen.

Also be sure to follow the maintenance and cleaning directions for new appliances, as they’ll have the best lifespan when given correct care.

Product demonstrations are another helpful way to learn, particularly if you’re feeling daunted by the prospect of having multiple new appliances at once.  ASKO holds regular demonstrations in each capital city, where trained specialists will walk you through the features and operation of the brand’s products, and show the best types of food to cook in different settings. Demonstrations can be booked through the retailers in each state where you buy your appliances.

If you purchase more than $15,000 worth of ASKO appliances in a single transaction, you’ll also qualify for ProCare+, our in-home after sales service which offers product education, installation verification and a product health check-up.

For more information about how ASKO’s stylish, Scandinavian inspired ovens, cooktops, dishwashers, refrigerators and rangehoods can improve your kitchen, view our products or visit one of more than 600 ASKO retailers around Australia.