ASKO - Chef-quality appliances for the home cook

Chef-quality appliances for the home cook

We’ve been cooking since the dawn of time, but today’s technology makes food preparation more sophisticated and easier than ever for the modern-day cook.

Food and cooking have been an essential part of life since the beginning of time. From hunters and gatherers cooking over an open fire, to being able to select fresh produce from a grower’s market and preparing it in the privacy of our own homes, the culinary industry has been constantly evolving.

For more than 60 years ASKO has been evolving with it, bringing the best in kitchen appliances for the modern-day cook. The Scandinavian design that combines everyday functionality, environmental sustainability and timeless minimalism, means that these kitchen appliances will stand the test of time.

A revolution in the kitchen

Head Chef of ASKO Appliances Australia Paul Mounsey says he’s witnessed huge changes in kitchen appliances over the past two decades, having worked in professional kitchens for 23 years.

“We’ve seen dramatic changes, including the introduction of induction cooking, steam ovens, and pyrolytic ovens. Appliances with WiFi capabilities and touch screen control panels are now standard. Twenty years ago, everything was manual. Today it’s all controllable via your phone,” he says.

While there’s a vast number of kitchen appliances on the market, Paul believes three that have revolutionised cooking the most are induction cooktops, combi steam ovens, and vacuum drawers.

The top three

Induction cook topsprovide instantaneous, accurate, even heat. They’re also extremely easy to use and to clean. The ASKO range of induction cooktops feature easy-to-use pre-programs that even those who are strangers to induction cooking, can use. A simple touch of a button ensures the perfect temperature for the dish they’re cooking every time.

Paul believes the combi steam oven is the must-have appliance for any kitchen. It’s capable of performing a number of tasks including baking and roasting, steaming proteins perfectly (sous vide style), proving bread, and making yoghurt. Despite its versatility, Paul feels it’s the most under-utilised appliance of all, which is why ASKO have teamed up Cooking With Steam — a membership website wholly devoted to steam oven cooking.

“With grilling and regular oven functions, these appliances do it all,” he says.

The third appliance that Paul wouldn’t be without is the vacuum drawer. Early versions of these appliances were large, clunky machines that took up most of the room on the countertop. Now they’re fully integrated into your kitchen.

“Vacuum drawers aren’t just for cooking sous vide. These little machines store your food better than any container or plastic wrap. You’ll have more room in your fridge or freezer, and ingredients stay fresher up to three times longer,” explains Paul.

Where classic meets innovation

While chefs and home cooks are always looking at ways to reinvent food, Paul believes that most inspiration involves looking to the past, and merging ‘classic’ techniques with modern equipment, and unusual ingredients.

“Cooking will always change and has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. One of the biggest changes is that Australian cuisine is represented in every corner of the globe. We now recognise the first Australians and native cuisine, and our own ‘island food’ is embraced by chefs worldwide for its uniqueness,” says Paul.

Another current trend, according to Paul, is the desire for chefs to highlight new and ‘natural’ ingredients, choosing to use them with minimal interference.

“Chefs are always looking for new ingredients. There is a lot of foraging going on out there.”

Looking after future generations

Taking cues from nature is something ASKO has been doing for decades. While all products are made with state-of-the-art technology and to the highest quality, caring for the environment remains integral.

The company carefully considers the environmental impact in production, while the products are in use, and when it comes to disposing them, with many parts labelled for recycling. As a result, ASKO products are some of the most efficient on the market, saving both energy resources and energy costs.

“We strive to create as small an imprint on the environment with everything that we do, from cooking to dishwashing. We like to believe we don’t follow trends — we create them,” says Paul.

ASKO is not only committed to protecting the environment for future generations but ensuring that the future of cooking looks bright too, particularly in light of the influx of TV cooking shows.

“Home cooks are always looking for inspiration and ideas, and these shows are a great resource for inspiration. With that comes a higher expectation of home appliances — not only for functionality, but their appearance and how they look in a kitchen.” says Paul.

With a full range of kitchen appliances that coordinate perfectly with each other, home cooks have access to top-performing products that look great in any Australian kitchen.

As to what we can expect in the next few years, Paul believes that the future of cooking is online.

“Cooking will always be a skill that people want to master, but the best tool for information is the internet. Many home cooks have vastly improved their skills, in part because of what’s available on the web.”