ASKO - Three Combi Steam Oven Ideas

Three Combi Steam Oven Ideas

Three combi steam oven ideas to make winter breakfasts special

While combi steam ovens excel at cooking meats, vegetables and seafood, there are hidden depths to their capabilities and they can cook far more than just dinner.

Warming winter breakfasts are a brilliant way to make your steam oven work for you, so you’re never bored by breakfast again. Here are three simple breakfasts which you can take in a number of directions to create a variety of delicious steam oven dishes. 

Steam oven porridge

Cooking porridge in a steam oven takes a little longer than doing it in a pan, but the oven will do all the work for you, and the end-result is the silkiest porridge you’ll ever make. The only time you need to stir is at the end of cooking, which leaves you plenty of time to get ready for the day while breakfast looks after itself.

How to make enough for four serves:

●    Put two cups of rolled oats and 1.5 litres water or milk (or a combination of the two) into a steam tray, and place in your steam oven.

●    Select the steam setting at 100°C, and cook the porridge for approximately 25 minutes, until the liquid has been mostly absorbed and the oats have broken down.

●    Remove porridge from the oven and stir. Allow to sit for a minute or two before spooning into warm bowls and serving with extra milk, honey and sliced bananas.

Dress up your porridge with one of these ideas:

●      Apple and berry porridge. Add a couple of peeled, cored and sliced apples to the pan at the start of cooking. After 15 minutes of cooking, sprinkle a handful or two of frozen mixed berries over the porridge. Stir very gently before serving so you don’t break up the berries too much.

●      Sticky date and walnut porridge. Add a cup of sliced dried dates and one teaspoon of mixed spice to the pan at the start of cooking. When the porridge is cooked, give it a good stir. The dates will have mostly broken down and flavoured the porridge. Serve with chopped toasted walnuts sprinkled over the porridge.

●      Chai-spiced porridge. Add the following spices to the pan at the start of cooking: 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp ground cardamom, ½ tsp ground ginger, ½ tsp ground nutmeg, ½ tsp ground cloves. Serve the cooked spiced porridge with pouring cream, honey and blueberries.

Steam oven yoghurt

Making yoghurt at home is so easy, and it keeps for a couple of weeks in the fridge. A great way to make it is to set the yoghurt overnight using the delayed cooking timer in your ASKO steam oven.

You will need a kitchen thermometer for this recipe, and a tablespoon of ‘seed’ yoghurt to start the culturing process. A shop-bought natural yoghurt is fine for this, but don’t use one which has gelatine or flavourings in it. The next time you make yoghurt, just keep a spoonful of the last batch you made.

How to make one kilogram of yoghurt:

●    Heat one litre of full cream milk in a saucepan over medium heat, until it reaches 82°C. Stir frequently so it doesn’t catch on the bottom of the pan. Remove pan from heat and allow to cool to lukewarm (around 40°C).

●    Whisk a tablespoon of seed yoghurt into the cooled milk, and pour into a very clean glass jar or plastic container. Place this in your steam oven. Select the steam setting at 40°C, and set the timer for 8 hours.

●    When the yoghurt is ready, remove it from the oven, cover and refrigerate until required.

Dress up your yoghurt with one of these ideas:

●    Fruit and yoghurt bowl. Dollop yoghurt over poached dried fruit. You can poach the fruit in the steam oven by making a simple syrup of one part sugar to one part water, and steaming mixed dried fruit in this syrup until it’s tender and rehydrated.

●    Honey-nut yoghurt toast. Strain a few spoonfuls of yoghurt overnight in the fridge, using a couple of layers of muslin cloth set in a sieve. Spread the thickened strained yoghurt onto sourdough toast and top with honey and roasted chopped hazelnuts.

●    Try making Turkish baked eggs, and serving with garlic-infused yoghurt on the side.

Combi steam oven egg and bacon cups

If you enjoy eggs and bacon, these are a great, portable way to indulge in a cooked breakfast without the fuss of frying.

How to make 6 portions:

●    Preheat your ASKO combi steam oven to Hot Air with Medium Steam, at 200°C. Lightly grease a six-hole muffin pan.

●    Take six slices of streaky bacon and cut in half lengthways. Use two strips to line each muffin hole, crossing them over each other in the bottom of the pan. Let any excess bacon hang over the edges.

●    Crack an egg into each lined muffin hole, then season with salt and pepper to taste. Gently fold any excess bacon back in over the tops of the eggs.

●    Cook the muffin cups for 12-15 minutes, until the eggs are set and bacon crispy on top. Serve hot or warm.

Dress up your egg and bacon cups with one of these ideas:

●    Vegetarian egg cups. Instead of bacon, use strips of zucchini to line the muffin pan. Season the zucchini with salt before cracking the eggs over the top.

●    Pesto egg and bacon cups. Dollop a teaspoon of basil pesto over the raw eggs before folding the bacon over them.

●    Mexican style egg and bacon cups. Put a spoonful of canned, drained black beans into the lined muffin holes before cracking the eggs over the top. Bake as normal, and top with diced avocado and hot sauce before serving.