ASKO - Big kitchen trends in 2019

Big kitchen trends in 2019

If you’re planning a major kitchen renovation next year, you’ll be keen to know the latest innovations in design and technology that are sweeping the industry. Senior Industrial Designer at ASKO, Pernilla Hage Dose, is always on top of the major trends, and has kindly shared her insight for any Aussie hoping for a magazine-worthy makeover for their home.

Pernilla attended EuroCucina, held in Milan in April, and says it was clear that seamless, streamlined design is the hottest trend for 2019. Appliances blend into cabinetry and become secondary to the pursuit of style. Everything is integrated and flush, and anything that interferes with clean lines (such as handles) are rapidly disappearing – even on ovens, where they are being replaced by a recess which the user cups their hand under to open the door.

In terms of colour, it’s all about grey in every shade, and browns – particularly brown stones, marbles and distressed woods that exude a reclaimed feel. Appliances are also becoming darker, making the near-defunct term “whitegoods” even less relevant than when the tidal wave of stainless steel took over.

Dark shades of steel to match modern cabinetry are popular, and brushed finishes help appliances blend in with their surroundings by picking up the colours around them, creating a lively aesthetic. Glass is a big winner too, thanks to the pursuit of minimalism. Within the ASKO range, black glass is a key feature, offering customers a twist on the traditional metal exteriors found in kitchens, without resorting to plastic.

Open shelving and decorative LED lights in various shapes and sizes were also on display, as were light bands set up around floor plinths to create the effect of the kitchen “floating” above the floor. Pernilla says a renewed focus on lighting is essential, given the dark palette, while functional lighting, found inside drawers and cabinets, will also be a key feature in kitchen designs next year.

Environmental sustainability is a core component of current trends, no doubt owing to the increasing awareness of the impacts of climate change. With eco-friendly becoming the new cool, inner-city residents are keen to reconnect with their roots, and rediscover how their food is produced. This is evidenced by the increasing popularity of benchtop pod gardens to house herbs, and environmentally-friendly cabinetry.

When it comes to appliances, growing awareness of health and wellness is influencing kitchen design, with products such as steam ovens becoming mainstream. Pernilla says ASKO’s steam oven is unique in that it produces smaller, more consistent water droplets than competitor models. These finer droplets produce less condensation, and the result is more effective heat transfer and better results for the home chef.

The shift towards natural health is also reflected in the popularity of pyrolytic ovens. With no chemicals required for cleaning, these products particularly appeal parents and those with allergies who are looking to minimise the toxic load in their home. ASKO’s pyrolytic ovens are understated and user-friendly, with large touch-screen interfaces, integrated recipes and a built-in help menu.

Induction cooktops have been popular for some time, and the rising popularity of Asian cooking has led to increasing demand for wok burners, with ASKO the only manufacturer currently meeting both needs in the one product. The Duo Fusion II cooktop means customers don’t need to choose between the convenience of induction and the authentic results only gas can bring. The 90cm cooktop combines both energy sources, and includes the unique Volcano wok burner, to bring Asian cooking to life.

Pernilla says that as home cooks are becoming more adventurous and keen to master exotic cuisines, this is being reflected in their choice of appliances. A traditional European wok setup produces an inferior result, either boiling or frying the food, while the ASKO Volcano wok burner achieves true wok cooking, cooking the outside of the food quickly at high temperatures, and preserving the texture and nutritional profile inside.

Consumers are also taking more time to plan their kitchens, bringing attention to detail to the forefront. As such, co-ordinated ranges such as ASKO’s Elements collection have been designed to meet this need. With consistent glass surfaces and side trims in every product, Pernilla says the Elements range is perfect for those seeking a streamlined look over the mix and match kitchens of the past.

Whether you’re drawn to pared-back, modern greys or an eco-friendly kitchen cobbled together with reclaimed timbers and lush benchtop plants, ASKO’s range of appliances are the perfect addition to any kitchen in 2019, with Scandinavian style and quality ensuring they will outlast any passing fad as your home décor evolves.