ASKO - The importance of appliances to a renovation project

The importance of appliances to a renovation project

Great home appliance selection has the ability to elevate a renovation to truly reflect the style and aesthetic appeal of the overall design.

Kyal and Kara Demmrich, professional renovators who’ve designed and completed dozens of projects together, including two on national television, agree that well-chosen appliances are a major factor in the success of a renovation.

For their most recent Long Jetty NSW project, the couple decided on ASKO kitchen appliances to add functionality and minimalist Scandinavian style to their design. They share some of their best tips for appliance selection below.

Start your selection early

Planning is key, says Kara. She and Kyal recommend selecting kitchen appliances early on in the project. This pays off in a finished renovation with all elements of the design working in harmony.

Planning with specific appliances already in mind gives the opportunity to make sure they’re integrated into the overall design and not just an afterthought.

“We really want our appliances to marry into the design perfectly,” says Kara.

As well as integrated appliance options such as refrigerators and dishwashers, think about the design and finish of the appliances which will be on show, such as cooktops and ovens, and where you will place each one. Answering common questions such as whether you’d like to install an oven under the bench or in a more visible wall unit is easier to do if you’ve chosen your appliances already.

Highlight the space

There is a current trend towards staying with neutral colours, highlighting the textures and natural features of a home instead of bold features or colour choices. This is especially true in kitchen and living areas.

Today’s spaces also favour a sleek, clean look, where the focus is on quality of lifestyle rather than over the top design. Appliances which are well made, functional and minimalistic, with the option to be integrated into cabinetry, support this style of living.

Kyal and Kara selected ASKO appliances because they complement and highlight a space rather than demanding visual attention. This lets the overall design and finishes speak for themselves.

“We’ve chosen the Pro Series refrigerator because we wanted that sleek look and we’re big fans of integrated appliances,” says Kara, adding that the couple also selected an integrated ASKO Pro Series dishwasher for the kitchen area in their renovation.

The Scandinavian design principles of ASKO bring a soft, quiet elegance to appliance style. Each piece is functional and easy to use, without clashing with the other major elements of the space.

Let appliances and other finishes work together

As well as considering each individual appliance in your renovation, it’s also important to think about how the appliances look and function collectively throughout the house.

Kyal and Kara love the fact that their ASKO Pro Series gas cooktop and oven are clean and minimalistic, and although they’re beautifully designed standalone pieces, they fit seamlessly with other finishes and appliances in the kitchen.

Kara says, “Nothing is one feature, it all works harmoniously together.”

Staying with one style and one brand makes sense aesthetically, but it also means when appliances are being used they have similar functionality and operation. Everyone in the home will find it easier to live there, which improves day to day enjoyment of the space.

High quality appliances equal high quality renovation

Kyal and Kara’s Long Jetty home design uses natural materials and premium quality craftsmanship throughout. With a soft, beachy feel featuring lots of wood and natural fibre textures, they wanted every part of the home to feel luxurious and thoughtfully designed.

Choosing high quality appliances gives confidence that all the workmanship in a renovation is of a premium standard. This is equally important whether your motivation is to improve the style and function of your own family home, or to impress potential buyers in a home which is going on the market. A commitment to high quality appliances expresses that the renovation has been completed to a high standard, and will last and look good for years to come.

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