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There are more washing machine brands on the market than ever, and consumers are spoilt for choice. However, choosing the best appliance for your needs involves a lot more than simply selecting your favourite design, so ASKO has developed washing machines for every type of Australian household.

How do you choose the best washing machine for your needs?

Australians are known to relocate often, and personal needs change during one’s life. ASKO washing machines, weighing around 45kg on average, are heavy enough to be stable and durable, but light enough to travel with other belongings to your next destination. It’s worth knowing, as ASKO appliances are built to last for many years of faithful service.

Your washing machine investigation should focus on known-brands with a good reputation. The allurements of cheaper appliances will soon wear off once you realise they rapidly deteriorate and can’t stand the test of time. ASKO are one of the world’s oldest appliance manufacturers, and our international reputation is built on decades of customer satisfaction.

The size of your household will dictate washing machine decisions. ASKO 7kg, 8kg and 10kg washing machines are a powerful addition to any home requiring tailored solutions. The kg rating refers to the appropriate wash-load weight, so a 10kg machine is ideal for larger households where larger wash loads ultimately save time, energy and money. 

What is the best washing machine for my budget?

Striking the balance between appliance desires and practical solutions is often guided by the purchasing budget. ASKO understand that Australians appreciate a good deal, and we are proud to be a high-end appliance manufacturer with products regular Australians can afford. The international ASKO reputation allows us to promote the full range of laundry and kitchen appliances suitable for contemporary living, with plenty of good value options available.

ASKO 7kg, 8kg and 10kg washing machines come a variety of styles, all with incredibly advanced features and amazing versatility. The combination of cutting-edge technology and traditional manufacturing excellence is perfected in ASKO appliances that showcase the best of multifunctional capability. ASKO appliances are built to last and ready to perform, making them a smart budget consideration and an investment worth showing off.

What is the best washing machine for families?

Medium and large families are best served by 8kg or 10kg washing machines that can handle the tough stuff without becoming overworked. When functioning efficiently, your ASKO washing machine will save time and money, with additional features, modes and programs for enhanced operation. Your ASKO washing machine can cover all family needs with ease.

You can work out your average household wash load prior to purchasing. Simply step on the bathroom scales with your empty wash basket and take note of the weight. Now, step back on the scales, this time with your wash basket loaded with a regular wash load and take note of the weight again. The difference between the two weight measurements is the weight of your average wash load. You can use this measurement to help refine purchasing decisions.

What is the best front loading washing machine?

Front loading washing machines have been around for a long time, but it’s only recently that they have fully benefited from technology. However, many newcomers to appliance design focus on technology while overlooking the importance of manufacturing excellence. There are only a few appliance brands with the history, experience, dedication and pioneering spirit of ASKO, and our products can’t be imitated.

The best front loading washing machines are manufactured using the best materials, constructed by dedicated professionals, synchronised with reliable and multifunctional technology, and sturdily built to last. ASKO ticks all the boxes, and with appliance showrooms around Australia displaying the best ASKO products, it’s the right time to check them out.

What makes ASKO washing machines the best choice?

ASKO is a dedicated appliance manufacturer with a history dating back to 1950. The Scandinavian ideals of precision and excellence are immediately apparent with ASKO appliances, as the minimalist, sleek surface leaves nowhere for blemishes to hide. Further inspection reveals dozens of features, modes and programs to personalise washing options that save time, water and energy, while delivering sparkling clean results.

ASKO washing machines are not your usual throw-away product. Features such as the SteelSeal drum, Quattro shock absorber legs, Active Drum technology and the SensiSave load-size detector are all constructed with highest quality materials sourced from our partners. Your entire family can grow up alongside ASKO appliances, including the best washing machines available.