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What Is A Heat Pump Tumble Dryer?

When it comes to progressive clothes drying solutions for Australian homes, ASKO has the answers. Our laundry appliance range is unmatched for the use of state of the art technology, superior workmanship and innovative features that make caring for your clothes and other precious wash items easier than ever. Our heat pump tumble dryers are changing the way washing is done, and with over 600 ASKO agents Australia-wide there is sure to be a product that perfectly suits your household needs.

What is a heat pump dryer?

Heat pump dryers are in demand for all the right reasons. They are incredibly energy efficient, don’t require external ducting and can be placed anywhere in your home for additional convenience. Heat pump tumble dryers are the alternative to condenser dryers and vented dryers, and although the up-front cost is higher they use almost 50% less electricity, saving you money with every load and shaving hundreds of dollars annually off power bills.

ASKO heat pump tumble dryers are manufactured in classic Scandinavian style, where form and function are both showcased and superior drying results are guaranteed. Highest quality stainless steel and innovative programs go hand-in-hand with ASKO laundry appliances, with special features that include:

Butterfly Drying: Twin paddles inside the dryer push clothing in a gentle figure-eight, spreading garments evenly for optimal warm air circulation, minimising creasing and bundling.

SensiDry: The built in sensor detects moisture levels and automatically switches off the program when drying is complete, preventing shrinking and saving energy.

Amazing energy-star ratings: ASKO heat pump tumble dryers showcase up to 9-star energy ratings, making them among the most energy efficient laundry appliances in the world, saving you money with every use.

Double Lint Filter: ASKO dryers are fitted with an efficient double lint filter that prevents lint build-up, improves functionality and increases the life span of your appliance.

Reversible Door: This gives you the option to mix and match your dryer with home design specifications, saving you space and optimising your laundry layout.  

How does a heat pump dryer work?

Heat pump dryers utilise a closed loop drying system that dehumidifies the air and recycles it through the program. Hot, humid air moves through the tumbler into a heat pump that condenses vapor into water that is collected in a tank for easy removal. The heat pump simultaneously reheats residual air for re-use during the drying cycle.

Heat pump dryers don’t require ducting and your laundry area stays comfortable as hot air isn’t exhausted into the room. As heat pump dryers conserve heat in the air used, recycling is efficient and clothes can dry faster without intense temperatures that can cause damage. Advantages of ASKO heat pump tumble dryers include:

·        Better health and hygiene thanks to fast and effective clothes drying where mould and dampness are a thing of the past.

·        All-weather solutions such as Quick Pro drying for people on the go and the Time Program that ensures you are always on schedule.

·        Faster drying times and personalised solutions courtesy of more than a dozen individual drying programs.

·        Inner-city adaptability with ASKO clothes dryers that can be situated beside your washing machine, on top of your washing machine, or in an entirely different room.

·        Money saving potential with improved air flow, superior heat retention and fast moisture removal that can cut your clothes drying bill in half.

Can you wall mount a heat pump clothes dryer?

Optimum clothes drying capability is reliant on air flow within and outside your appliance. For this reason, wall mounting isn’t recommended. Your clothes dryer should sit at least 5mm from the wall behind and 100mm from a wall or other furniture to the side. However, ASKO clothes dryers are freestanding and stackable, meaning you can site your dryer on top of an appropriately sized ASKO washing machine for space saving versatility and ergonomic comfort.

What is the difference between a heat pump and condenser tumble dryer?

Tumble dryer preferences are an individual consideration, and budget plays a significant role. Condenser tumble dryers use more electricity than heat-pump tumble dryers, although the attractive purchase price of a condenser dryer can provide an automatic 50% saving.

Both condenser and heat pump ASKO dryers are freestanding and stackable, without the need for external venting, saving you a bundle on expensive installation. ASKO innovators design appliances that are easy to install, simple to maintain and always ready for action.

Condenser Dryers: A heat exchanger is used to remove moisture from warm air. Moisture is trapped in a container while air released into the room is re-heated and re-circulated through the dryer. Venting is not required.

Heat Pump Dryers:  These dryers work in a closed loop where heated air is tumbled through clothes, reheated and re-circulated. There is no moisture released into the air. Heat pump dryers don’t require venting, can be placed anywhere and are extremely energy efficient – ideal for families who want to cut down on power bills.

ASKO appliances are in demand and a visit to your nearest quality appliance showroom will introduce you to the many reasons why ASKO is fast becoming the appliance brand of choice in contemporary Australian homes.