ASKO - Sizing


Contemporary refrigerators are much more than a cold box for storing assorted foodstuffs. Innovative ASKO fridges are designed and manufactured by dedicated appliance specialists who understand the needs of Australian home owners, with all products utilising progressive technology and amazing storage solutions. Multifunctional applications mean ASKO integrated refrigerator size is fully utilised from top to bottom to ensure perfect temperature control, with food remaining fresh, crisp, healthy and ready when you are for home cooked perfection.

What sizes do integrated fridges come in?

ASKO integrated fridges are spacious and specifically designed to be built in to existing cabinetry. Our refrigerator models have been manufactured for contemporary Australian homes that showcase the best appliances, with the option of creating a smart ASKO kitchen with compatible ovens, cooktops, rangehoods and more. ASKO also offers ProCare+ kitchen solutions for multiple appliance purchases of $15,000 or more, including product installation verification, education and an appliance health check-up. ASKO integrated fridge options include:

Pro Series Refrigeration RF2826: This fully integrated fridge/freezer constructed using stainless steel with white finish has a gross capacity of 445 litres, including a spacious 127 litre freezer compartment.

Pro Series Refrigeration RWF2826: Fully integrated, including an attractive wine storage compartment, this fridge has a gross capacity of 445 litres, with a 127 litre convertible freezer compartment. Separate temperature zones for both red and white wine make this ASKO refrigerator the right choice for entertainers.

Outdoor Fridge R2303: This amazing appliance has a gross capacity of 158 litres and is insulated to handle 49ºc temperatures in summer and chilly rainstorms in winter, making it perfect for Australian conditions.

ASKO refrigerator accessories include robust and stylish doors to suit your style. You can choose between a traditional door style or a door with a generously sized window that allows you to display your wine collection for an added touch of class.

What size fridge should I choose?

The size of fridge you choose should reflect your household needs. All too often, people purchase cheap appliances that are too small and can’t handle overloading, or too-large appliances that unnecessarily increase power bills. ASKO avoids these problems and many more by creating adaptable refrigerators where no space is wasted. Energy efficiency is important for savvy appliance buyers, so it’s definitely worth exploring ASKO refrigerators that can be conveniently altered to match your specific needs whether you are cooking on a daily basis or gearing up for entertaining relatives and friends.

Are integrated fridges smaller than stand-alone fridges?

ASKO integrated fridges are as spacious as stand-alone fridges, yet can be discreetly concealed for contemporary kitchen appeal. In addition, there is nowhere for food scraps and spills to hide, making kitchen cleaning an easy and fast task that anyone can handle. ASKO innovations that optimise refrigerator and freezer size include:

·        Convertible extra drawer with independent temperature controls, for fresh food storage, freezing or wine mode

·        Dual refrigeration where every fridge area is closed off for ideal temperature control. A concealed compressor and evaporator ensures fully automated humidity and climate control.

·        Flexible compartments courtesy of a refrigerator divider that can be conveniently switched between five positions. Your fridge will function optimally without stressing the motor or fans.

Which models have large freezer sections?

ASKO refrigerators designed for Australian conditions all have large 127 litre freezer capacity. We also understand the need to adapt to seasonal changes and individual needs, making the convertible extra drawer a great innovation for busy households. With ASKO, the elegant minimalist design is supported by an ingenious layout and adaptable systems that can be tailored to match your specific lifestyle and décor choices. With large loading capacity, strategic layout and intelligent features, space is maximised; just another way ASKO is leading refrigerator design for the best contemporary kitchen appeal.

ASKO development has continued unabated since 1950, when Swedish farmer Karl-Erik Andersson built his mother a unique, energy efficient washing machine. The ASKO brand has expanded to become a world leading appliance manufacturer, and our dedication to creating long-lasting, attractive, energy efficient appliances Australians love remains our highest priority.