ASKO - What is a pyrolytic oven

What is a pyrolytic oven

Pyrolytic ovens perform all the functions of a regular convection or combi oven, with the addition of pyrolytic cleaning programs, superior insulation and heat-resistant doors. Pyrolysis refers to high temperatures of around 500ºC that reduce organic matter to dust, making ASKO ovens incredibly easy to clean. ASKO developers use the highest quality stainless steel, ceramic glass and integrated designs to provide dozens of kitchen advantages.

What does a pyrolytic oven do?

You can bake, roast, grill, baste and more using an ASKO pyrolytic oven. Built-in and fully integrated ASKO appliances include 45cm and 60cm pyrolytic ovens that are ideal for Australian conditions. The ASKO Pro Series range, Elements range and Craft ovens are all worth inspecting for their unique capabilities. ASKO pyrolytic oven features include:

  • Extra insulation for keeping the oven hot and the kitchen cool
  • Seamless construction for superior energy efficiency
  • Additional reflective door-glass for a safe, cooler oven during pyrolytic cleaning
  • Self-cleaning programs that assist the chef
  • Zero exposure to damaging chemicals and cleaning agents
  • Zero scrubbing and scraping on hands and knees
  • Environmentally friendly use of natural cleaning methods

ASKO oven users save time and money while minimising stress. Our developers use cutting-edge science, state of the art technology, and the best traditional manufacturing processes to improve culinary results for people from all walks of life.

How long does it take for a pyrolytic oven to clean?

Pyrolytic oven cleaning is a fully automated program taking approximately 3 hours from start to finish. Multifunctional use of heat is an ASKO trait, and heat used for cooking is now also used to clean the oven. Oven development includes an incredibly tough interior coating that resists high temperatures, while food scraps, grease and oils are reduced to fine ash that is swept away with a brush once cleaning is complete.

How do pyrolytic ovens clean?

Pyrolytic oven cleaning is programmed via the illuminated user interface. There is no need for scrubbing, scraping or abrasive chemicals, and the oven door automatically locks for safety when the oven interior heats up. The pyrolytic self-cleaning cycle can run whenever convenient, with the safe process requiring zero supervision.

Scandinavian oven manufacturers explore cooking, warming and cleaning utilities. Pyrolytic ovens are the natural progression, resulting in appliances perfectly suited to Australian conditions. Ingenious ASKO pyrolytic oven cleaning is achieved in a few simple steps.

Step One: Locate the pyrolytic self-cleaning program on the user interface, and start the automated process. The lower and upper heating elements will reach approximately 500ºC.

Step Two: When the oven reaches 250ºC, the door automatically locks for safety.

Step Three: The fan is activated when pyrolytic cleaning temperature is reached, facilitating even distribution of pyrolytic heat.

Step Four: When the cleaning cycle is complete, and the oven has cooled, the safety door automatically unlocks, with residual ash conveniently wiped away with a brush or cloth.

Will a pyrolytic oven heat up my kitchen?

Impressive insulation properties and reflective glass doors keep ASKO pyrolytic ovens safe to touch, even during the pyrolytic cleaning cycle. The kitchen remains cooler thanks to design principles that lock heat inside the oven for optimal cooking and cleaning.

ASKO Multifunctional Ovens also offer EcoClean, steam clean and Aqua cleaning modes that use targeted jets of piping-hot water and steam to clean and refresh the oven interior. Convenience is a key feature of all ASKO appliances, with food residues and splashes easily removed, and your appliance looking as good as new.

Do pyrolytic ovens produce smoke and fumes?

By using highest quality materials, ASKO oven manufacturers create seamlessly engineered and fully insulated products. Heat is targeted toward cooking, with very little radiant heat escaping into the room. Your ASKO pyrolytic oven can always remain clean and free from debris, ensuring tasty meals are easy to prepare without you needing to battle smoke, fumes and heat. ASKO are the solutions experts for contemporary kitchens, with premium products available at retail showrooms and display homes all around Australia.