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ASKO Pyrolytic Ovens – How Good are They?

The increased interest in kitchen innovations isn’t by accident. Technology continues to revolutionise the way we reciprocate with smart appliances, while home owners and designers are pushing the boundaries of form and function. Only the best appliance manufacturers are able to keep pace with developments and provide products that possess long-term usability along with contemporary appeal. ASKO development is solely focussed on kitchen and laundry appliance manufacture, and as Scandinavian-style products with timeless appeal, the ASKO pyrolytic oven range is proving a hit with Australian consumers.

Since 1950, when Karl-Erik Anderrson built his mother a superior, multifunctional washer and the seed for ASKO was sewn, product development has never wavered from the same high-standards. ASKO pyrolytic ovens are just one example of progressive appliance innovations that include self-cleaning steam ovens, steam assist ovens, combi microwave ovens, craft ovens, Fusion Volcano wok burners, warming drawers, slideout rangehoods and more for a complete and stylish fitout in any kitchen. 

Are pyrolytic ovens any good?

The number one function of an oven is to prepare food properly. Most outmoded ovens fail even this basic task by ineffective heating elements or burners, inaccurate temperature control and poor design using inexpensive materials. ASKO standards, on the other hand, never waiver and every appliance is manufactured using the highest quality materials and components. Our reputation has been built on customer satisfaction for decades, and the ASKO pyrolytic oven range is yet another opportunity to showcase just whey we are the kitchen appliance leaders. Advantages of ASKO pyrolytic ovens include:

They save time: Considering the nature of old fashioned oven cleaning, it’s no surprise that many people give up on difficult scouring and scrubbing. Consumers expect convenient cleaning solutions, and ASKO has all the answers. Fully automated pyrolytic cleaning is as easy as pushing a button and allowing the oven to work its magic.

Enhanced safety features: ASKO pyrolytic ovens clean at extremely high temperatures, so ASKO design incorporates special insulation, quadruple reflective-glass door panels and a self-locking function that is automatically activated during cleaning. The oven exterior remains safe to touch even during the pyrolytic cleaning cycle.

No chemicals and cleaning products: ASKO products introduce environmentally friendly solutions. There are zero chemicals or abrasive agents required to clean a pyrolytic oven, with all food residues, spills, oil and grease reduced to a fine ash. The pyrolytic-friendly oven racks will remain free of build-up, allowing the fresh and pure taste of quality foodstuffs to be the real stars of every meal.

Energy efficiency: The additional insulation and quadruple oven doors make ASKO pyrolytic ovens incredibly energy efficient. The majority of ovens in use today are built with ineffective electric coils or burners, inaccurate settings and perishable components, ultimately causing a drag on finances. A new ASKO pyrolytic oven, on the other hand, will last for many years of energy efficient cooking, making it a wise long-term investment.

Financial savings: For a modest additional investment, the power of pyrolytic cleaning means both time and money are saved. Cleaning products and materials cost a lot over the lifetime of an oven, and with ASKO appliances built with durable components and first-class materials, the financial savings become significant.

Is a pyrolytic oven safe?

ASKO pyrolytic ovens are incredibly safe. All ASKO products and appliances meet Australian and international appliance safety standards, with the company built on a reputation of trusted service for decades. Pyrolytic ovens are arguably safer than conventional electric and gas ovens, due to the reinforced construction, additional insulation and safety glass doors. In fact, pyrolytic ovens are so safe they are built into existing cabinetry for seamless kitchen integration. Pyrolytic oven interiors are sealed with a heat resistant enamel coating and the special ASKO baking trays and oven racks are also pyrolytic-friendly.

Maintaining a clean and functional kitchen isn’t easy, so ASKO takes the workload off the chef by introducing smart appliances that reciprocate with the user. If there is one thing every chef appreciates help with, it’s the cleaning up, and with an ASKO pyrolytic oven on your side, the clean-up help is just a push-button away.