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Pyrolytic Ovens

How to clean a pyrolytic oven?

Progressive appliances are user-programmed and fully automated. ASKO pyrolytic cleaning is where the oven takes over completely while you relax. Pyrolytic oven cleaning is an occasional or scheduled maintenance program that ensures your appliance always looks and functions its best.

Electric ovens facilitate automated programming for cleaning without the chef having to lift a finger. The clean cycle is complete in 1.5-2 hours, and when the oven has safely cooled a soft cloth can be used to brush away any residual ash. As with all ASKO appliances, the exterior is also easily cleaned and maintained for complete kitchen style. 

What are the features of a Pyrolytic Oven?

Pyrolytic ovens incinerate hard-to-remove food scraps and spills on the oven walls. Using temperatures close to 500ºC, the pyrolytic self-cleaning cycle lasts for 1.5-2 hours, while the oven door remains securely locked and incredibly cool.

· Pyrolytic Electric Ovens incinerate grime and fat stuck on the oven cavity. Built-in or wall mounted, ASKO pyrolytic electric ovens are among the best available, boasting an attractive, minimalist exterior that conceals tremendous cooking and cleaning power.

· Clean cycle temperatures of 500ºC means an ASKO Pyrolytic Oven virtually cleans itself. Cleaning includes advanced design oven trays purpose-manufactured for pyrolytic cleaning. Simply wipe away any residue and the job is done. An ASKO pyrolytic oven is always a showpiece.

· Single/Double door choices are pyrolytic oven essentials, with ASKOs ‘quadruple glazed door’, including a reflective coating between each layer of glass, keeping the oven, the kitchen and the chef cool even during intense cooking. The oven door automatically locks for the duration of pyrolytic cleaning, in safety-first ASKO style.

· Multifunction makes sense when appliance manufacturers and developers utilise the full capacity of electric oven features. Electricity equals heat that is used by industry-leading ASKO pyrolytic ovens for multifunctional convenience. Benefits include zero scrubbing, scouring or harsh chemicals.

To learn about pyrolytic ovens, visit our buyers guide.

What are the benefits of a Pyrolytic Oven?

ASKO pyrolytic ovens include all features, functions and programs used to prepare fabulous foodstuffs. The pyrolytic cleaning takes place at extremely high temperatures of 500°C or more to ensure the oven interior is always clean, without the need for harsh scrubbing. Pyrolytic oven benefits include:

·        Time saving pyrolytic self-cleaning

·        No need to use harsh, damaging chemicals or solvents

·        Messy and tiring scrubbing and scraping is avoided

·        No more chemical residues that can affect the taste and quality of food

·        Environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient cleaning

·        ASKO insulation keeps the oven exterior safe to touch even during pyrolytic cleaning

The best technology is also good for the environment, and ASKO pyrolytic ovens are built with sustainability in mind. The appliances are designed to maximise energy-efficiency using sturdy, valuable and recyclable metal components. Pyrolytic cleaning uses a surprisingly small amount of electricity, and is a much cheaper alternative to purchasing the products and accessories needed for strenuous, old-fashioned oven cleaning. To learn more about the value of pyrolytic ovens, visit our value page.

Are pyrolytic ovens safe?

The highest industry standards are required in design and manufacture of pyrolytic ovens. ASKO appliances are acknowledged as top-line products worthy of consumer confidence, and the pyrolytic ovens are no exception, garnering accolades from users around the world. ASKO pyrolytic ovens incorporate the best safety features including:

·        Kid Safe lockable controls

·        Pyrolytic cleaning with active oven cooling

·        Four oven door glasses

·        Automatic oven locking during high temperature pyrolysis cleaning

·        Industry-best insulation for user safety and optimum oven efficiency

Chefs who are sensitive to harsh and abrasive cleaning solvents and solutions can return to the kitchen with confidence. Pyrolysis is a major oven advantage, as are many other ASKO oven functions including ‘defrost’, ‘plate warming’ and the extensive ‘programs’ menu. ASKO pyrolysis ovens introduce the user to hands-off cooking where the oven takes charge. Additionally, ASKO pyrolytic oven controls are simple to navigate using the high definition touch-screen icons. Our FAQ page provides answers to many similar questions. 

How do pyrolytic ovens work?

ASKO oven choices are vast, in keeping with modern consumer expectations. Users are spoilt for quality and choice with the range of pyrolytic ovens, steam ovens, combi ovens, craft ovens and more. Contemporary kitchen design incorporates classic elements and progressive innovations, and ASKO ovens get the balance right. The sleek, minimalist exterior of an ASKO pyrolytic oven conceals cutting-edge technology, multifunctional programs and a powerful capacity to cook the full spectrum of meal choices.

ASKO pyrolytic ovens use famous wood fire oven principles for even heat distribution, along with heating elements, grills and fans that work independently or multi-task together to provide the perfect oven for achieving attractive, succulent and tasty results. ASKO pyrolytic ovens remain clean, ensuring food always tastes fresh and untainted, without unwanted smoke or fumes. Every feature of an ASKO pyrolytic oven is designed for convenience, from the soft-closing door to pre-programable step cooking where the smart oven recalibrates and resets itself for every phase of the cooking procedure. To learn more about the convenient features of our pyrolytic ovens, visit our Features page.

Where can I see a demonstration of how a pyrolytic oven works?

If you would like to view a demonstration of an ASKO pyrolytic oven, please visit our head office showroom at:


35 Sunmore Cl, Moorabbin VIC 3189

1300 002 756