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Dishwasher use by Australians is increasing thanks to the introduction of superior appliances that truly take over the workload. The purpose of an appliance is to make life easier for the user, and ASKO dishwashers use powerful jets of hot water that make pre-rinsing unnecessary, and when the wash cycle is complete your ASKO dishwasher will even self-clean for permanent showroom appeal.  

How can you make the most of your dishwasher?

Your dishwasher should support the way you and other members of your household live. It makes no sense purchasing a showy appliance if it doesn’t match your energy use expectations, while purchasing a cheap appliance to save money is also wasteful in the long run. ASKO dishwashers are the happy medium, where quality and price find common ground for Australian home owners.

Once you have the appropriate ASKO dishwasher for your home, you can further tailor the appliance with personalised settings, saved-programs and fully automated modes for every type of dishwashing duty. Simply scrape off excess foodstuffs before loading and the appliance will take over the tough stuff, delivering intense and powerful hot water cleaning action exactly where it is needed.    

What programs can you use on an ASKO dishwasher?

It’s important at the outset of your dishwasher decision-making to fully appreciate the capability of modern dishwashers. They bear little resemblance to their counterparts of yesteryear in either form or function, and the best dishwasher manufacturers such as ASKO develop appliances that last for many years while also adapting to changing circumstances along the way.

In other words, ASKO dishwashers boast programs and features that anyone can use for tailored dishwashing results. It’s also worth appreciating the consistently high water and energy-star ratings achieved by all ASKO appliances, and the large financial savings over the lifetime of your appliance. Outstanding ASKO dishwasher programs and features include:

·        Normal wash; Eco wash; Rinse and hold; Daily wash; Time program; Heavy wash

·        High temperature; Long dry; Variable start delay; Time saver; Time set

·        High-definition display and sound feedback settings for user guidance

·        Multi-spray arms and spray zones with powerful, targeted hot water

·        Hidden heater; seamless manufacture; stainless-steel components

How can you use your dishwasher more efficiently?

ASKO are appliance manufactures with the end user in mind. We understand that our reputation is built on the appreciation of ASKO users, and with experience creating revolutionary appliances since 1950, ASKO developers understand the value of both durability and versatility.

Our energy and water-efficient solutions are built into the appliance and will automatically adjust according to the dishwashing program you select. This is one way we achieve consistently high water and energy-star ratings, and a major reason ASKO appliance users save a lot of money during the lifetime of their product.

ASKO takes the guesswork out of optimising dishwasher use by creating easy to use and easy to maintain appliances. You can even have your ASKO dishwasher installed by ASKO-trained professionals, and if maintenance or service is required, our nation-wide team of qualified personnel are only a phone call away and ready to respond. Scandinavian appliances are well known for their efficiency, and ASKO is among the most famous of all Scandinavian manufacturers. 

How can you save energy when using your dishwasher?

The easiest way to save energy is to let your ASKO dishwasher automatically adjust on your behalf. All you need to do is input your desired dishwashing setting and the inbuilt ASKO dishwasher features will do the rest. Energy saving adaptations that ASKO dishwashers showcase include:

·        Self-cleaning program; Quick Pro wash; Green mode; Speed mode

·        Variable delay start up to 24 hours for dishwashing convenience

·        Super rinse; Intensive mode; Stand-by water protection

·        Kid-safe panel; anti-block drain pump

Should you rinse the dishes before using the dishwasher?

Pre-rinsing dishes is a thing of the past when you use an ASKO dishwasher. All you need to do is scrape excess foodstuffs off dishes and pots before loading the dishwasher. Your ASKO dishwasher includes an amazing sensor that detects dirtiness levels and adjusts rinsing intensity accordingly.

ASKO dishwashers are progressive, offering genuine kitchen support and assistance with heavy-duty cleaning capability, intensive drying, and even the option for appliance self-cleaning to ensure showroom appeal at all times. ASKO dishwashers are a surprise package, providing commercial quality cleaning for domestic kitchens, and Australian home owners are noticing the difference premium ASKO appliances can make.