ASKO - Removal and replacement

Removal and replacement

The best dishwashers are custom designed to fit within standard cabinetry for built-in or fully integrated appeal. All ASKO appliances, including dishwashers, have been constructed to meet Australian standards, allowing home owners, architects and builders to move forward with confidence and remove and replace ASKO dishwashers for creation of contemporary kitchen style.

How can you remove your old dishwasher?

As your dishwasher requires power, plumbing and drainage connections, it’s highly recommended to employ the services of professional tradespeople to safely disconnect fittings. ASKO take service to the next level, thanks to our nation-wide coverage, including ASKO trained service personnel who are nearby and ready to respond to your needs.

Whether you are retrofitting an existing kitchen or commencing a new build, ASKO solutions are the simplest and most transformative, allowing you to experience same-day appliance operation. Once installed, your ASKO dishwasher is ready for years of reliable use, and if you ever decide to move, your ASKO appliance can be easily disconnected and taken with you if desired.

How long does it take to remove a dishwasher?

Removing a dishwasher should also be performed by professionals. The combination of water and electricity in close proximity is dangerous, and safety procedures are an essential part of a tradesperson’s knowledge and skill set. Removal of an ASKO dishwasher is easy and fast, and your ASKO dishwasher and connections can even travel with you to your new residence.

ASKO dishwashers are relatively light, although incredibly stable, and the single-piece, durable components can withstand removal, transportation and relocation without missing a beat. ASKO appliances are high-end products that regular Australians can afford, and the little extra expense will be paid back many times over with energy and water-efficiency during the lifespan of your ASKO product.  

How much will it cost to have my dishwasher removed?

ASKO is an international appliance manufacturer with decades of award-winning experience. We make sturdy products that can handle heavy use, removal and relocation, all easily achieved in little time. Once safely disconnected by qualified professionals, your dishwasher is simply unscrewed and removed from cabinetry fixings and can then be easily lifted or wheeled away to its next destination.

The cost of having your dishwasher removed will naturally vary according to your location, the type of dishwasher, electricity connection, plumbing and drainage. Disconnection is a step-by-step procedure performed in the appropriate sequence, but removal is speedy and can be simply co-ordinated along with other aspects of your build or renovation, with no time wasted and little money required.

How can I contact an ASKO professional to have my dishwasher removed?

With Australia-wide reach and a team of ASKO trained service professionals on your side, choosing an ASKO dishwasher makes good financial sense. Whenever you need service, maintenance assistance, product advice or product removal, our team can help. We remain in the loop and at your service, easily contactable and ready to respond at all times.

Contacting your local ASKO service representative is easy. Simply book a service call using our online booking form or call us anytime on 1300 002756 and we will contact you to organise your dishwasher removal or new installation. We can get rid of your outdated dishwasher eyesore and replace it with a versatile, reciprocal ASKO dishwasher that genuinely meets the needs of even the busiest households.

ASKO X-Large and XX-Large Dishwashers are conveniently retrofitted or removed within existing cabinetry or cupboard space, allowing you to redesign your kitchen the ASKO way for superior appliance performance, culinary output and energy efficiency. Integrated appliances are a Scandinavian styling, and ASKO are appliance specialists with the foresight and skill to create world-leading products that all Australians appreciate.