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Built-in XXL Dishwasher : DBI865IGXXLS

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WELS Registration Number: D02077 

WELS rating: 6 stars, 10.7L/wash. Energy rating: 3.5 stars, 314 kWh per year. 

When a little extra space makes a big difference, it’s worth considering ASKO appliances, where design and functionality are both part of the bigger picture. The ASKO DBI865IGXXLS Dishwasher, for example, is 86cm high, with enough space for 4 baskets and 16 place settings, making it a winner in busy kitchens.

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What is a built-in dishwasher?

Most contemporary Australian homes include built-in kitchen appliances that open the room and avoid clutter. Built-in dishwashers are part of the strategy, helping to provide maximum kitchen efficiency and output without being a distraction. ASKO dishwashers showcase the Scandinavian minimalist appeal, where the smooth exterior lines only hint at the dishwashing power contained within.

Built-in dishwashers improve culinary results, save time and make cleaning a breeze. The impressive performance of the ASKO DBI865IGXXLS Dishwasher is impossible to ignore, allowing users to appreciate contemporary kitchen style, where form and function are a harmonious success story.

Built-in dishwashers are permanently located within existing cupboards or fitted according to your design plans. ASKO appliances provide restaurant standard usability, ideal for entertainer’s kitchens where remaining stress-free is important. The ASKO DBI865IGXXLS is sturdy, stable and built to last, making it a firm favourite with ASKO users Australia-wide.  

How do you choose the right dishwasher?

With more than 15 different dishwasher models available, ASKO have something for everyone. Your kitchen size and cupboard dimensions will dictate some dishwasher decisions, while other considerations can be more for personal taste. ASKO DBI865IGXXLS built-in dishwasher design features allow for water and energy-savings, and when a big clean up is underway, the powerful jet spray and mist extraction systems are up to the task.

It’s also worth considering combining ASKO appliances for a complete designer-kitchen experience. With appliances that include self-cleaning ovens, Volcano Wok Burners, a wide cooktop range and a whole lot more, it’s easy to see why ASKO kitchens are becoming popular all over Australia. When smart appliances are constructed using sturdy components and high-quality, fully recyclable materials, there is every chance they can last as long as your new kitchen. 

Built-in dishwashers are attached to cabinetry and need to function at a high standard for many years. That’s why ASKO development includes top quality appliances such as the DBI865IGXXLS Dishwasher, where maximum work is performed with a minimum of fuss. ASKO was established many decades ago to provide superior, long-lasting kitchen and laundry appliances, and the standard has never wavered.

How much can this dishwasher hold?

There are lots of reasons the DBI865IGXXLS Dishwasher is a favourite with ASKO fans. The larger dishwasher cavity space is hard-wearing, using stainless steel components wherever possible. The seamless dishwasher interior is courtesy of ASKO engineering excellence, where a perfect clean is natural even with a maximum wash load using all 4 trays.

With flexible loading mechanisms and adjustable shelves, this dishwasher can clean it all, from crockery and cutlery; pots and pans; utensils; crystal glass; tall items; plastics and more. Here are a few more features of the ASKO DBI865IGXXLS Dishwasher worth exploring:

·        Turbo Drying Express – Fan assisted air extraction method

·        Hidden heater for powerful drying action

·        10 spray zones

·        3 spray arms

·        Height adjustable basket

·        Auto wash; Eco wash; Hygiene wash; Heavy wash

A lot has changed in the world of dishwashers during the last decade. ASKO as always have been at the forefront of change, and Australian householders couldn’t be happier. Additional features of the DBI865IGXXLS include:

·        Jet Spray: extra washing power for tall objects

·        Wide Spray: extra washing power for pots and pans

·        Dual Twin Tubes: extra washing power for the middle basket

·        Power zone: extra washing power for the cutlery basket

Is this dishwasher water efficient?

The ASKO DBI865IGXXLS Dishwasher has an impressive 6-star water rating, so you can rest assured no water is wasted. Quality dishwashers are incredibly water and energy efficient when using pressure, heat and fans together. The best ASKO technology is used for high-energy water blasts that reach every cavity and crevice of the dishwasher interior.

As it is a built-in appliance, the dishwasher should be connected to plumbing and electricity by professional tradespersons. When hooked up independently, your ASKO dishwasher can continue working away without disrupting any other kitchen appliance. The days of single-dimensional dishwashers are long gone, and ASKO ideals are catching on fast.

How do you clean this dishwasher?

Water-wise ASKO solutions include self-cleaning systems, where the machine does the work for you. It makes sense that an appliance designed for cleaning should itself stay clean, and with ASKO, your appliance can look showroom fresh for many years. Although the stainless- steel components are seamless and stain resistant, The ASKO DBI865IGXXLS Dishwasher includes a self-cleaning feature for giving your appliance an occasional freshen-up.

Cleaning is assisted by hot air circulation and steam removal, while program options also include Green wash, Eco wash, Hygiene wash, Sanitation wash and other personal choices. ASKO development is all about multi-tasking appliances for a tailored approach to contemporary living.

General description

Drying method: Turbo Drying Express™ - Fan assisted supply air and extraction for extra effective drying
Product line: Style
Installation type: Built under work top
Size: XXL, 86 cm
Number of baskets: 4
Number of place settings: 16 place settings
Icons: 8 Steel, SCS+
Top cutlery tray: Top Tray with Instant Lift™; Top Tray with Instant Lift™; Rack for knives (top); Rack for bowls (top); Telescopic rails for top tray; Handle (top)
Upper rack type: Exclusive - fully flexible with all-foldable pin rows and Light Lock™ for plastic items
Lower rack type: Exclusive - fully flexible with all-foldable pin rows and vase/bottle holder


Construction & Performance

Exterior float
8 Steel™ construction
Hidden heater
SCS+ (Super Cleaning System+)
Sensi Clean™ Sensor - detects the dirtiness level
Number of spray arms: 3
Number of spray zones: 10

Use & Flexibility

Number of place settings: 16 place settings
Number of baskets: 4
Top cutlery tray: Top Tray with Instant Lift™; Top Tray with Instant Lift™; Rack for knives (top); Rack for bowls (top); Telescopic rails for top tray; Handle (top)
Upper rack type: Exclusive - fully flexible with all-foldable pin rows and Light Lock™ for plastic items
Easy sliding telescope rails with ball bearings for the upper basket
China Guard - protects fragile load from the rotating spray arm
Non-return valve for the middle basket water connection
Lower rack type: Exclusive - fully flexible with all-foldable pin rows and vase/bottle holder
Vase and bottle holder placed above the Jet Spray™ nozzle
Dense basket wiring in both upper and lower basket
Required inlet water pressure: 0,03-1 MPa

Interaction & Control

Display type: TFT front display LCD top display
Customizable programs: Program memory
Number of programs: 13

Programs, options and modes

13 programs: Auto wash; Eco wash; Hygiene wash; Time program; Plastic wash; Heavy wash; Rinse and hold; Sanitation wash; Upper half wash; Lower half wash; Crystal glass; Quick Pro wash; Self-cleaning
Delayed start: Variable start delay up to 24 hours
Super rinse
Time set
Green mode
Speed mode
Night mode
Intensive mode
Extra dry
High temperature
Super rinse

Design & Integration

From front adjustable rear foot
Depth (incl. wall spacing): 575 mm
Height setting: 50 mm
Kick plate adjustable depth: 30-94 mm

Safety & Maintenance

Aqua Safe™
Kid Safe™ - panel
Rinse-aid indication: Notification in display


Technical data

Water connection: Size: 3/4" Can be connected to hot or cold water
Max. temperature of inflow water: 70 °C
Noise level: 40 dB(A)re 1 pW
Reference program: 1
Total cycle time of reference program (min): 178 min
Estimated yearly energy consumption: 314 kWh
Energy consumption reference program: 0,82 kWh
Energy stars: 3,5
Water stars: 6
Water consumption: 10,6 l
Consumption in off mode: 0,5 W
Consumption in standby mode: 3 W
Connection rating: 2000 W
Voltage: 220-240 V
Current: 10 amp
Frequency: 50 Hz
Required inlet water pressure: 0,03-1 MPa
Net weight: 53 kg
Marked for recycling: Yes
ISO 14001: Yes


Width: 596 mm
Height: 859 mm
Depth: 574 mm
Length electrical cord: 1825 mm
Depth with door open: 1253 mm
Length inlet hose: 163 cm
Length outlet hose: 200 cm

Logistic information

Packaging width: 640 mm
Packaging height: 930 mm
Packaging depth: 680 mm
Gross weight: 56,6 kg
Product code: 729069
EAN code: 3838782068461