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Washing machines

Front loading washing machines are favoured by Australians, and the innovative ASKO range is making a real statement in contemporary homes. The smooth lines and seamless exterior of ASKO washing machines are just the beginning, enticing users to explore multifunctional capability, energy efficiency, quiet operation and superior wash results.

Find the front loader washing machine for you


Continually building up grime and mould and costing hundreds of dollars to replace, a rubber bellow is the less than ideal choice. ASKO washing machines are derived from commercial washer technology which removes the rubber bellow. Our SteelSeal feature is available in every washer model and ensures a more hygienic wash by eliminating rubber door seals that degrade over time.


Most washing machines only have two internal legs; ASKO’s Quattro system has four shock absorber legs that virtually eliminate vibration, for quiet operation and a longer life.

Active Drum

Using special hourglass shaped lifting paddles, ActiveDrum gives a cleaner, more gentle wash by moving your laundry to the centre, while guiding dirt particles and gravel to the outside evacuation holes for removal.


SensiSave sensors in ASKO washing machines recognize the size of your laundry load and match water levels and time accordingly. This means they use much less water and energy when washing smaller loads.


ASKO washing machines use stainless steel inner and outer drums. Using stainless steel for both drums is more hygienic than plastic, and lasts much longer as well.

What is better: Front or top load washing machines?

A quality washing machine will last for years, making ASKO front loading washing machines the long-term economical choice. Front loaders use around half the water and far less energy than top loaders and are the preferred appliance for environmentally aware people. You will also save on shopping bills, as front loaders don’t have a central agitator that can chew up clothing. The larger cavity holds bigger loads for running fewer wash cycles, while gravity assisted spinning provides quieter operation and less wear on washing machine components. 

What size front loading washing machine do I need?

The right size front loading washing machine results in maximum energy efficiency. If the machine is too small, you will suffer endless washing cycles, while an oversize machine will unnecessarily increase power bills. Here is an easy way to work out the best appliance for you. Step on the bathroom scales with the empty wash basket. Now, load the basket and step back on the scales. The difference in weight is the weight of your wash, comparable with washing machine specifications. ASKO front loading washing machines are available in 7kg, 8kg and 10kg models, ensuring every Australian household can make the right choice.

How do I clean my front loading washing machine?

ASKO ingenuity includes development of self-cleaning appliances. The best front loading washing machines are designed with a waterproof bottom plate, anti-block drain pump and overheat protection. ASKO initiatives include a SteelSeal door for avoiding trapped grime, plus Active Drum technology that guides dirt and gravel through evacuation holes for removal. The water filter and detergent compartment are easily removed for cleaning, and the showroom appeal of the seamless exterior is simply maintained using a soft cloth and mild detergent.