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Front Loading Washing machines

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Enhance your laundry – and your lifestyle – by introducing an ASKO washing machine into your household. With commercial-standard power and speed, our front load washers help you complete your washing faster and get back to the more important things in life. Yet the trademark flair of our Scandinavian designs ensures your chosen model will also accentuate your contemporary décor.

With a variety of sizes and features available, we have the perfect model to blend in with your laundry and match your unique needs. Whether you’re a family of 2 or a household of 10, rely on ASKO appliances to keep your clothes clean, dry and ready to wear. Choose a 7kg, 8kg or 10kg model to suit your washing requirements.

You’ll enjoy truly hygienic results from your washing machine. As the only models on the market that don’t use a rubber bellow, these appliances prevent residual detergents and leaks from dampening your cleaning experience. Click here to learn more about how SteelSteal technology is superior to the traditional rubber seals.

Our machines provide the best possible washing and drying results while handling your clothes with care. To create a laundry space that’s a delight to look at and a pleasure to use, combine your new front loader washing machine with an ASKO clothes dryer, a drying cabinet, and one of our Hidden Helpers.

The laundry appliances we develop also reflect our brand’s commitment to the environment, which is an integral part of the ASKO culture. This is why our new generation of washing machines feature 5-star energy ratings and can be recycled at the end of their lifespan. If you’re ready to buy a washing machine you can depend on and discover our range of other outstanding appliances, please use our handy dealer locator

Our Washing Machines


Taking inspiration from the arctic-white winters of Sweden, this model makes an attractive addition to any laundry. Hidden behind the crisp design and flawless finish is an efficient yet eco-friendly machine. Loads of up to 7kg are washed and rinsed rapidly thanks to its impressive spin cycle speed of 1400 rpm. 


With a capacity of 7kg, a spin speed of 1600 rpm and 10 pre-set programs, this robust and beautiful appliance is the ideal choice for many households. SensiSave technology allows it to alter washing time and water usage based on the load size. On top of saving you time and money, this has also helped this model earn an energy rating and WELS rating of 5 stars.


With commercial-grade technology yet a stylish design well suited to any modern home, this is one of our most popular laundry appliances. The problem of rubber seals deteriorating and trapping grime is eliminated thanks to this model’s SmartSeal, which also helps you load and unload your clothes with ease. Each cycle can handle up to 8kg of laundry and runs at up to 1600 rpm. 


With connections to both hot and cold water, this washing machine takes a uniquely eco-friendly approach to creating the ideal cleaning temperature. This innovative appliance takes less time to complete each cycle and uses less energy for heating. It has a capacity of 7kg, a spin speed of 1800 rpm and an energy rating of 5 stars.


Those with larger loads to wash will love the convenience and 10kg capacity of this extra-large model. Getting through your baskets of laundry is easier and faster than ever with this ASKO washing machine on standby. The extra volume doesn’t come at the expense of the environment though; this machine still has a 5-star energy rating.


This washing machine merges excellent energy efficiency with an outstanding 10kg capacity and 1400 rpm spin speed – perfect for larger households or people with bulky items to wash. This intelligent device automatically adjusts its levels of hot and cold water to deliver optimal results from every cycle. With an energy rating of 5 stars, this laundry appliance is as kind to the environment as it is brilliant to use. 

Washing Machine Features

Every ASKO product is designed to enhance your home and make life easier. Our front loader washing machines are manufactured with a variety of features to achieve this.

Superior Hygiene

Unlike other models on the market, ASKO appliances don’t use a rubber seal. While the rubber version can degrade over the years, leading to a build-up of grime and dirt, our SmartSeal alternative eliminates this issue. This ensures more hygienic washes throughout the lifespan of your washing machine. 

Quattro: No More Vibrations

Models built with our Quattro system have four shock-absorbing legs. This addition drastically reduces vibrations, resulting in a smoother and more peaceful washing cycle. Less vibrations also means your machine will work at peak condition for longer.

Stainless Steel

With both the outer and inner drum being constructed of stainless steel, you can expect exceptional durability from your ASKO washing machine. These appliances are also more hygienic compared to models that use plastic drums. 

Other features

Depending on your chosen machine, you can enjoy other fantastic features, such as:

  • ActiveDrum with lifting paddles designed to treat clothes delicately and effectively remove dirt particles
  • SensiSave, which automatically prevents your machine from using too much or too little water (based on the load size). 

ASKO Front Loader Washing Machines

For most Australians, purchasing the right washing machine is difficult. The appliance market is highly competitive, and new washing machine models are rapidly evolving to sync with other household innovations. As new products and brands are continually introduced, traditional manufacturers such as ASKO have maintained their prestigious reputation ahead of the competition. Innovation has been an ASKO trademark for decades, but so has consistency, and when combined with superior engineering and product durability, ASKO front load washing machines are a force to be reckoned with.

A good washing machine is designed and built to last for years, so making the right choice is important. ASKO front load washers are the latest in a tradition that began in 1950, when Swedish farmer Karl-Erik Andersson built his mother a superior washing machine, and the idea for long-lasting ASKO appliances was born. Today, ASKO washing machines are internationally acclaimed domestic appliances boasting the power and durability of commercial washing machines. ASKO front loading washing machines are stylish yet unobtrusive, with the ease of use expected of a quality Scandinavian appliance.

ASKO washing machine features

Regardless of how tech savvy a person is, they expect reliability first and foremost in any appliance. The best brands have had the luxury of development over time to keep ahead of the competition, along with established networks for manufacture, sales and service. The science behind washing machines remains basically the same, while innovations, features and usability can only harmoniously evolve with a reputable manufacturer such as ASKO. Contemporary living and ASKO appliances go well together, and an ASKO front loader is no exception. Features include:


ASKO washing machines are designed to perform well and look great for many years. The purpose-engineered steel seal on ASKO front loading washing machines is the clean, long-lasting alternative to perishable and unsightly materials. The rubber bellows found in outmoded washing machines can attract grit, dirt and mould, ultimately affecting function and making the machine appear aged and worn.

With SteelSeal, there is no trapped detergent or residue build-up in the bellow, and clothes don’t get stuck while loading or unloading. SteelSeal is built into the machine, so additional parts are never required and cleaning is effortless.


Every feature of ASKO front loading washing machines is designed to maximise efficiency. The custom-drum, including hourglass-shaped lifters, is the result of progressive science and testing of ASKO appliances. Clothes are gently guided to the centre of the drum, while dirt and pebbles are washed away through strategically placed evacuation holes. The drum remains gleaming and grit-free, and ASKO front loading washing machines are immediately ready for the next load.


At ASKO, the innovations keep coming, and SensiSave is another energy-efficient assistant, saving money and minimising the environmental footprint. ASKO SensiSave matches the laundry load with appropriate water levels and time settings. As the wash progresses, SensiSave continues to measure water absorption in the load and minimises water use accordingly. Five-star energy and water ratings don’t lie, and ASKO’s energy-efficient focus is matched by environmental sustainability, with all washing machine parts weighing more than 50 grams fully recyclable.

Additional ASKO front loading washing machine highlights

Stainless steel is a high quality, long-lasting material favoured by appliance designers and manufacturers. Progressive washing machine design technology has resulted in form-fitted stainless steel replacing plastic and rubber wherever possible. ASKO front load washers have stainless steel inner and outer drums, less wearable parts overall, and greater capacity for consistently powerful washing for large and small families.

What goes on under the surface is important. In contrast to flimsy, unsteady and imbalanced washing machines, ASKO appliances use a sturdy Quattro system with built-in shock absorber legs that eliminate vibration. ASKO washing machines are built to look good for years, combining robust durability, fingertip control, and quiet operation for a contemporary laundry appliance like no other.