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Welcome to ASKO - home of Scandinavian-inspired kitchen and laundry appliances

ASKO offers a full range of kitchen and laundry appliances that matches the highest demands on design, function, durability as well as environmental standards. 

Our Scandinavian design heritage means we design with a timeless approach with minimalism in mind, to ensure that your appliances still perfectly suit your space for many years to come. All our kitchen appliances such as dishwashers, rangehoods, cooktops and ovens co-ordinate perfectly with each other and will look good in your kitchen, no matter how many times you redecorate. Our washers, dryers and drying cabinets are also designed to sit in perfect harmony with one another. 


Choosing a built in oven provides you with numerous options and possibilities for your kitchen. They not only provide a sleek and integrated look to your kitchen, but allow you to add multiple ovens and play around with different layouts and designs to personalise your cooking space. 

You may choose to have two 60cm ovens sitting side by side under your bench, or a stack of four ovens; two 45cm and two 60cm ovens. 

Our commitment to minimalistic Scandinavian design has resulted in ASKO ovens featuring a one piece solid door. Whether you choose a traditional, steam, pyrolytic or combi-microwave oven, the minimalist design will ensure a seamless addition to your kitchen.


The cooktop gets a good work out in any kitchen, whether you are a master chef or a beginner making simple dishes. Whoever you are, we have a cooktop to cater for your needs. ASKO cooktops are available in a variety of sizes in stainless steel, anthracite and black glass. 

You have the choice of induction and gas, but if you can’t make a decision between induction and gas, why not opt for the Duo Fusion cooktop (pictured) which offers the best of both worlds with a Volcano gas burner and four bridge induction zones.


Although they are often one of the last kitchen appliances you may think of in terms of design, rangehoods can also help to complete your look.
Our rangehoods can be utilised as a style statement piece in your kitchen with the robust design of a canopy, hidden under your cabinetry as a concealed rangehood, or provide a slimline look as the slide out rangehoods do. 

Some rangehoods appear too intrusive and out of place in certain kitchen layouts. ASKO concealed rangehoods allow for the rangehood be hidden into your cabinetry. Our concealed rangehoods are available in sizes from 52cm up to 120cm with slideout models available in 60cm or 90cm varieties. Each rangehood features a durable energy efficient brushless motor which operates with minimal noise even on higher settings.


You'll never run out of room in an ASKO dishwasher

Dishwashers which fill too quickly and need to be continually emptied are not part of the ASKO range. With improvements to our rack systems, our XXL dishwashers can wash as many as 16 place settings with perfect cleaning and drying results. 

Whether you need to load large and odd shaped items, such as pots, vases and serving dishes, you'll do it with ease in an ASKO. 

Offering one of the largest capacities on the market, our XL and XXL models provide a loading height of 54/58cm for larger plates and taller glasses. 


The Pro Series fridge and wine chillers are a serious statement and will be the envy of all your friends with their robust design and flexible capabilities. ASKO designs every appliance with a commitment to complementing the modern home. 

The Scandinavian style embedded in our refrigerators can enhance the appearance of any kitchen. However, if you prefer, you can also replace the doors with your own in order to perfectly match your existing cabinetry.

Even the most dedicated party host will be completely satisfied with this fully integrated wine chiller and freezer. Not only does the chiller have the capacity for up to 106 bottles; it also features dual zones, so you can bring your reds and whites to the ideal temperature simultaneously. 

Kitchen and Laundry Appliances Inspired by Scandinavia

From innovative dishwashers to feature rich ovens

ASKO is an international brand with a full line of high-performance kitchen and laundry appliances. 

We know our products will be a part of your home for a long time, so they reflect a minimalist design that is contemporary yet timeless, allowing them to integrate effortlessly within your kitchen and laundry spaces. Our kitchen products include: dishwashers (built-in and fully integrated), gas and ceramic cooktops, ovens, rangehoods and refrigeration. Our laundry range offers: front loading washing machines, condenser and heat pump tumble dryers and drying cabinets.

Our commitment to superior design has been recognised around the world.The ASKO Duo Fusion has been recognised with a coveted 2015 Good Design Award® - Australia’s oldest and most prestigious award for excellence in design and innovation.

ASKO Customer Care

Customer care is something ASKO prides itself on. We have collected a range of resources and tools for helping our customers across areas such as cooking, kitchen/laundry design and research.