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You'll never run out of room in an ASKO dishwasher

Dishwashers which fill too quickly and need to be continually emptied are not part of the ASKO range. With improvements to our rack systems, our XXL dishwashers can wash as many as 16 place settings with perfect cleaning and drying results. Whether you need to load large and odd shaped items, such as pots, vases and serving dishes, you'll do it with ease in an ASKO. 

Offering one of the largest capacities on the market, our XL and XXL models provide a loading height of 54/58cm for larger plates and taller glasses. 

Why choose an ASKO dishwasher?

Amazing features

Our new 2018 range offers different modes depending on your own personal cleaning preferences. To mention a few: 

Night mode: with this mode the water pressure in the spray arms is lowered, reducing the noise level by as much as 2 dB compared to the tested value. Perfect for open plan solutions with seamless kitchen and living spaces. 

Green mode: saving both water and energy, this mode lowers the temperature and extends each stage of the cycle to reduce water whilst still achieving the same perfect cleaning result as the normal program.  

Speed mode: this mode reduces cleaning time by 50%. To achieve the best cleaning result in the shorter time period, more energy and water are used. 

Intensive mode: dirty dishes and dried food and easily handled with increased pressure in the spray arm and more heat and water being used during the cycle. 

Super Cleaning System+ No need to pre-rinse dirty dishes
Turbo drying Never finish with wet dishes again
More steel, less plastic More durable, more hygienic, more stable
*The above features are available on selected models. Please check each model's product page for a full list of features and specifications.

Making life easier

Scandinavian design seeks to make life hassle free and ASKO have followed the same philosophy when designing our dishwashers. Our dishwashers provide many smart features which will help make your life that much easier:

The perfect place for breakfast: we have created a space for dishes that are too small or whose shapes are too irregular for the lower basket or take too much space in the upper basket, such as breakfast bowls, ladles and whisks. No matter how you define 'hard to place', you will always find a place for it in our unique and practical middle basket. 

Top performing Flexi Tray: this top level cutlery tray has its own spray arm and has room for 16 place settings of cutlery or other utensils. This means you can remove the standard cutlery basket in the bottom basket to make room for additional bowls or plates. If you need more room in the top basket (e.g. for taller glasses), simply remove the Flexi Tray altogether.   

Internal light Easy loading day or night
New filter Easier to remove and clean
Status light No need to check on the dishwasher again
*The above features are available on selected models. Please check each model's product page for a full list of features and specifications.

Minimalist Scandinavian design

Our Scandinavian design philosophy centers on clean minimalist lines and unobtrusive appliance integration. Our fully integrated dishwashers blend seamlessly into your kitchen cabinetry creating a perfect effortless look.  

Our stainless steel models feature a gracious full-size steel door with no division between door and panel. The front is made from a single piece of stainless steel plate and each corner is carefully folded and welded. 

Delicate tact switches in pure metal provide tactile feedback together with direct visual response in the two-row display. The display easily allows you to cycle through different program options whilst viewing their run times and available options.  

Not only do our dishwashers look good from the outside but thanks to our more steel philosophy, the internal dishwasher compartments are also visually pleasing. More steel means better quality construction, a longer lasting appliance and a more hygienic cleaning result for your family. 
One piece front A design statement for your kitchen
FI hidden away Elegance, sleekness and sophistication in one
Tactile control panel Perfect for use with wet hands
*The above features are available on selected models. Please check each model's product page for a full list of features and specifications.

Kitchen and Laundry Appliances Inspired by Scandinavia

From innovative dishwashers to feature rich ovens

ASKO is an international brand with a full line of high-performance kitchen and laundry appliances. 

We know our products will be a part of your home for a long time, so they reflect a minimalist design that is contemporary yet timeless, allowing them to integrate effortlessly within your kitchen and laundry spaces. Our kitchen products include: dishwashers (built-in and fully integrated), gas and ceramic cooktops, ovens, rangehoods and refrigeration. Our laundry range offers: front loading washing machines, condenser and heat pump tumble dryers and drying cabinets.

Our commitment to superior design has been recognised around the world.The ASKO Duo Fusion has been recognised with a coveted 2015 Good Design Award® - Australia’s oldest and most prestigious award for excellence in design and innovation.

ASKO Customer Care

Customer care is something ASKO prides itself on. We have collected a range of resources and tools for helping our customers across areas such as cooking, kitchen/laundry design and research.