ASKO - Ovens At ASKO With Innovative Features And Inspired Designs


Innovative feature rich ovens

ASKO ovens come with a unique interaction philosophy based on a TFT touchscreen with the most frequently used functions immediately accessible. The interface is easy and engaging to use and will encourage you to explore all features and functions of your oven. 

If you need coaching in your cooking, then select any of the auto programs in your ASKO oven. You simply select a dish from a list of pre-programmed dishes and then adjust weight and intensity if necessary. The interface is packed with useful information that encourages you to explore the full functionality of the oven.

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Design and function are core attributes of all top-line Scandinavian products. While exploring options for household goods, astute consumers naturally gravitate toward high-quality, progressive features produced only in Scandinavia. The hunger for innovative technology is enormous worldwide, with kitchen products built to integrate with personal preferences in huge demand. ASKO ovens are at the forefront of change.

ASKO ovens are visually impressive yet unobtrusive. The intention to complement rather than dominate the kitchen is a forward-thinking response to outdated cooking equipment. Seemingly minimalistic at first glance, ASKO ovens are multi-functional examples of cutting-edge technology. Every oven feature is built to stand the test of time in classic Scandinavian style, and the brand continues to receive accolades locally and internationally.

ASKO oven advantages

ASKO ovens hand ownership of the kitchen back to the chef. The ovens do exactly what they are programmed for by providing a cooking experience that is satisfying and easy. The alternative to slaving aimlessly over a hot, belching oven is here – and it’s ASKO. The custom-fitted wall oven is a subtle and exquisite kitchen masterpiece rather than monolithic centrepiece that does little else but take up space. ASKO originates from a land that is expansive, intriguing, and challenging, so ASKO products are designed with innovative solutions in mind. The result is outstanding, with ASKO ovens incorporated seamlessly and attractively into modern kitchen design.

Interactive touchscreen advances provide immediacy and functionality, while precision engineering ensures ASKO ovens are designed and built to the highest standards. The manufacturing process is second-to-none and the range of cooking applications unbeatable, allowing ASKO ovens to multi-task for every kind of cooking required in a modern kitchen. Culinary styles have evolved with the times and cuisine options have increased dramatically, so it’s only right that ASKO ovens should provide the full functionality required to suit both progressive and traditional cooking and lifestyle choices. 

Oven features for everyone

Regardless of culinary preferences, there are some essential oven features required for perfect cooking. ASKO uses precision science to create practical and beautiful examples of kitchen equipment, allowing owners to show off stylish decorating and superior cooking skills. ASKO innovations include:

•      Interior oven cavity designed to circulate heat and air in classic wood-fired style.

•      Oven cleaning made easy with self-cleaning systems using pyrolytic (heat) principles to incinerate stubborn grime and compounds.

•      Larger oven space with additional cooking levels, making catering and multi-tasking a breeze.

•      Responsive oven features including rapid pre-heating and TFT display settings that use sound and light signals for accurate cooking.

ASKO oven features are built to serve dual functions. The oven panels and glass door, for example, are manufactured to contain and withstand heat generated during pyrolytic oven cleaning in ASKO pyrolytic ovens. Although cleaning takes place at around 500 °C, the exterior glass door temperature is less than 60 °C. The oven door even self-locks for additional safety.

Exploring ASKO elements

Additional personalised oven features include built-in warming drawers that can be used for storing, heating and portioning food. Elements by ASKO takes cooking to the next level, introducing a range of oven designs and styles that can be combined and integrated for the ultimate cooking experience. Elements by ASKO include:

•      Elements Pure Steam Oven with high quality TFT display and 160 automatic programs.

•      Elements Pyrolytic Oven with safety lock function and adjustable temperature setting for cleaning functions.

•      Elements Combi Microwave Oven with 87 automatic programs for personalised cooking.

•      Elements Combi Oven with 22 oven functions and the aqua clean system ensuring food tastes fresh and delicious every time.

ASKO ovens for life

The science behind ASKO is second-to-none and the results are appreciated by everyone. After all, culinary science provides the opportunity to create and taste succulent foodstuffs, and with intelligent ASKO ovens on your side, no cuisine is off limits. ASKO ovens are a feature, a talking-point and the most versatile cooking appliances available.

ASKO products are built to last, with natural materials strengthened by progressive engineering methods. Functionality is easily mastered by both novice cooks and dedicated chefs, while visitors will be amazed and eagerly awaiting their next invitation to dinner.