ASKO - Dishwasher Options - Built-in & Integrated For All Households!


Dishwasher features

On top of their outstanding quality, our dishwashers also include a number of features designed to add an extra touch of convenience to your kitchen routine. Depending on your chosen model, you will enjoy features such as:

  • Crystal Glass Care™ for extra protection
  • FlexiRacks for versatile dishwashing
  • The Instant Lift™ height adjustment system
  • A middle basket for items like small cups and bowls
  • Knife holders for added safety
  • Fully extendable telescopic rails.

Some of our most renowned dishwasher features are detailed below.

Super Cleaning System+

Pre-rinsing your dishes is a thing of the past thanks to our Super Cleaning System+. This innovative function performs a pre-rinse before the main wash to blast away food particles and save you time, water, energy and effort. All you have to do is shake off any food scraps, then load dishes directly into the machine. 

Learn more about the Super Cleaning System+

Extra Large Capacity

Wash larger loads than ever before. With an external height of 82cm and a loading height of 54cm, our standard models give you plenty of space for your kitchenware.

Our XXL models go even further – they have an external height of 86cm and a loading height of 58cm. These appliances feature one of the most generous loading capacities available.

Compare our standard and XXL models.

Turbo Drying and Turbo Drying Express

The Turbo Drying system allows your ASKO dishwasher to eliminate moisture after washing is complete, leaving your dishes dry and your glasses free from spots and streaks. Some models (D5896SSXXL and D5896FIXXL) feature Turbo Drying Express, which pumps in hot air and can shorten program times by around 30 minutes.

Learn more about Turbo Drying.

Flexible racks

Get the most out of every wash with FlexiRacks. These versatile trays allow you to easily fit in a large selection of items while also making loading and unloading a breeze.

There are four FlexiRacks systems available:

Flexiracks Standard (D5424, D5536FI) Flexiracks Premium with Knife Caddy (D5436) Flexiracks Premium with FlexiTray (D5456) Flexiracks Exclusive (D5646, D5546, D5896)

Learn more about FlexiRacks.

Fully extendable telescopic rails

Baskets glide open and are fully extendable to make loading and unloading quick and easy. This also eliminates the need to awkwardly reach into the dishwasher to load your cups and glasses. 

More stainless steel

At ASKO, we believe stainless steel components outlast plastic and look better for longer. Stainless steel is also more hygienic, and it reduces odours and discolouration. Our dishwashers have a one-piece seam-welded stainless-steel liner, and even more steel inside. Other parts made with steel include spray arms, water connection, FlexiRacks, wine glass holders, filters, ball-bearing runners, and a concealed heating element.

What is a fully integrated dishwasher?

ASKO kitchen appliances and dishwashers catch the eye but don’t take up valuable space. The dishwashers use state-of-the-art technology in combination with superior engineering and materials to maximise functionality. In addition, the seamless construction enables fully integrated kitchen design, where the dishwasher becomes a feature and not just an add-on.

A fully integrated dishwasher can be multifunctional and showy, but also unobtrusive and concealed from sight when not in use. ASKO installations are performed by qualified professionals, taking only a couple of hours to complete, so you can experience a same-day kitchen transformation. Your fully integrated ASKO dishwasher door matches existing kitchen cabinetry with precision, allowing the flow of kitchen décor to continue and space to be maximised.

What is a built-in dishwasher?

ASKO products are made from the best materials, including seamless stainless-steel construction and durable components for long-lasting good looks. Our built-in dishwashers remain an important kitchen assistant for many years of reliable service and are designed to easily fit into a new build or a retrofitted kitchen space.

What type of dishwasher should I choose?

The dishwasher you choose should reflect your household needs. ASKO built-in dishwashers are available in various sizes to complement your kitchen design. Even our smallest 2-basket dishwashers provide dozens of options for delivering results that make life easier. Built-in appliances save space, creating a more open, inviting and social kitchen experience, and your ASKO appliances are sure to be the star of the show. Explore ASKO options online or visit any quality appliance showroom to find out more.

How much water do dishwashers use?

A problem with older dishwashers was their inflexible controls, particularly when it comes to water and energy use and consumption. ASKO innovators understood the problem, so utilise the best technology to provide user options for personalising every wash cycle. Your ASKO dishwasher even does the pre-rinse for you using the Super Cleaning system that blasts away food particles before the main wash begins. All ASKO dishwashers achieve high energy and water star ratings and are constructed from fully recyclable materials.