ASKO - HI1975G Pro Series Induction Cooktop


Pro Series Induction Cooktop

90cm Bridge Induction Cooktop

ASKO HI1975G Pro Series Induction Cooktop

Induction cooktops are creating a revolution in Australian homes, and your kitchen could be the perfect place to make the change. With the ASKO HI1975G Pro Series induction cooktop, you have options for expanding the cooking surface with bridge zones, while instant and precise heat control ensures food is perfectly cooked every time. 

What are the Pro Series Induction Cooktop advantages?

The ASKO Pro Series range of appliances perform tasks formerly only achieved by the best commercial kitchen products. Pro Series cooktops draw equal attention to form and function with minimalist appeal and timeless style, so if durability, versatility and great looks are your goal, it’s worth investigating the ASKO HI1975G Induction cooktop.

At 90cm wide and constructed using black ceramic glass, the ASKO HI1975G is spacious enough for large families and people who enjoy catering at home. ASKO Pro Series advantages are all about convenience, including features that allow the cooktop to take over the entire process, such as:

·        Seamless construction for integrated kitchen design

·        Bridge zones and auto pan detection

·        Instant temperature adjustment with boosters on all zones

·        Scratch resistant, easy clean surface

·        Touch control, individual timers and 6 auto cooking programs

Is induction cooking energy efficient?

The immediacy of induction cooking makes it extremely energy efficient. Induction cooktops use magnetic induction principles where the specially designed cookware becomes the element in contact with the cooktop.

Cookware is evenly heated so convenient cooking without burning is easy. The ASKO HI1975G Pro Series Induction Cooktop surface remains safe to touch, and the technology introduces users to minutely adjustable temperature settings, safety advantages, energy savings, and consistently tasty results – all good reasons to consider an induction cooktop.

What makes the ASKO HI1975G a superior appliance?

As a top of the line model from a world-leading appliance brand, the ASKO HI1975G Induction Cooktop is built to last and designed to impress. Superior components make all the difference, and ASKO development has been solely dedicated toward creation of the finest kitchen and laundry appliances since 1950.

Standard ASKO induction cooktop features are just the beginning, opening up an entirely new way to approach meal preparation. Innovations include:

Auto Programs: With ASKO induction cooktops, you have 6 auto programs for maintaining the perfect temperature while simmering, boiling, grilling, frying, wok cooking and food warming. In other words, the cooktop assists you in adapting to diverse culinary styles.

Bridge Zones: Cooking space is impressively increased when two smaller induction cooking zones are combined as one larger induction element. Juggling pots, pans and cookware isn’t an issue when the cooktop makes the adjustments for you.

Safety features: ASKO developers take pride in creation of powerful yet safe appliances, including the HI1975G Pro Series Induction Cooktop. The cooktop automatically turns off when the temperature reaches 300ºC or if it is left on for more than 9 hours. The child-safe control panel and safe-to-touch cooktop surface are additional ASKO features worth considering.

How do you care for an induction cooktop?

The minimalist, designer look of ASKO induction cooktops also adds to practical cleaning appeal. Constructed without indents, grooves or gaps, and seamlessly fitted into your kitchen benchtop, the classy black ceramic surface is easily wiped clean and shiny with the minimum of fuss.

When savings of energy, time and money are taken into consideration, the ASKO HI1975G Pro Series Induction Cooktop is value-added, and when your cooktop lasts for years of faithful service, the satisfying results will become obvious for everyone to appreciate.

Width: 904 mm
Number of cooking zones: 5
Number of Bridge Zones: 2
Surface material: Black ceramic glass
Individual timers: Five individual timers
Type of control: SmartControl



Scratch resistant surface
Individual timers: Five individual timers
Surface material: Black ceramic glass
Touch control
12 Power levels and boost
Separate controls
Booster on all zones
Auto pan detection
Bridge zones
Pause function


6 Auto cooking programs
Auto program for boiling
Auto program simmering
Auto program for frying
Auto program for grilling
Auto program wok
Auto program keeping warm


Easy Clean surface


Child safe control panel
Central switch off
Overheating switch off
Residual heat indicator
9 hours cooking limiter



Available colour: Black ceramic glass
Width: 904 mm
Power (W): 11100 W
EAN code: 3838942581090
Product code: 463150


Dimensions of the product (W×H×D): 90,4 × 4,3 × 52,2 cm
Packaging height: 140 mm
Packaging width: 1070 mm
Packaging depth: 610 mm
Weight packaging: 2,1 kg
Gross weight: 16,8 kg

Zone performance

Cooking zones: Middle front: 3,7 kW, 120 mm (Min pot size to be detected),
Right front: 3,7 kW, 120 mm (Min pot size to be detected),
Middle back: 3,7 kW, 120 mm (Min pot size to be detected),
Right back: 3,7 kW, 120 mm (Min pot size to be detected),
Left: Ø 26 cm, 5,5 kW, 120 mm (Min pot size to be detected)

Technical information

Frequency: 50-60 Hz