ASKO - Cooking with ASKO

Cooking with ASKO

ASKO Ovens

Our expertise turned an oven into an instrument of precision. We carefully select sustainable materials to create elegant, durable, long lasting products.

Our oven ranges offer an intuitive user interface surrounded by an exceptionally high quality design finish. A variety of cooking programs provides you with the ability to cook in different ways whilst controlling the entire process; ensuring a perfect result every time. 

Our commitment to minimalistic Scandinavian design has resulted in our ovens featuring a large elegant solid door. Whether you choose to integrate your new oven into your kitchen cabinetry or have it stand alone, the minimalist design will ensure a seamless addition to your kitchen.

ASKO Cooktops

ASKO cooktops have a graceful design to perfectly match ovens and the rangehoods in the same range. Induction cooktops have a unique matt black surface which is scratch resistant and also have a practical anti-slip surface. 

The Fusion Volcano Wok burner generates a vast amount of heat and effectively directs it to the base of the pan, rather than around the sides.

A+ burners produce a perfectly adjustable pure flame, which not only produces a very high output but also directs the flame to the underside of your pan. The precision-engineered flame ports ensure that the flame has the shortest distance to the bottom of the pan.

ASKO Rangehoods

The rangehood is usually the first thing you notice in a kitchen. Therefore, we have designed our rangehoods to make a wonderful impression on the distance to only get better the closer you get. If you take a closer look you will find brilliant finish to every detail and use of sustainable materials everywhere.

ASKO rangehoods are extremely efficient even at lower settings, so they are both quiet and energy efficient. The completely smooth extraction surfaces of our rangehoods are easy to clean while giving an expression of elegant, minimalistic design.

The Air Logic™ system in our Pro Series rangehoods ensure that the whole surface of the rangehood is used for fume extraction.

Adam Liaw and Shaynna Blaze

ASKO have partnered with Shaynna Blaze which has allowed for a wealth of design knowledge to be passed on to our customers. Designing a new kitchen and seamlessly integrating appliances can be a challenge, but Shaynna provides tips below on how to simplify the process.

Masterchef winner, Adam Liaw, also provides advice and guidance when to it comes to using your new appliances. Through a series of recipe based videos, he shows us how to create perfect, delicious meals quickly and simply. He also demonstrates his knowledge of appliances through a range of instructional videos including his gas vs. induction video below.