ASKO - ASKO's Matt Induction Cooktop

ASKO's Matt Induction Cooktop

Thursday, 22. October 2015
The gloss has worn off highly reflective surfaces. Kitchen design trends have headed back to minimalism – something the Scandinavians do extremely well – and induction cooking is really taking off as an alternative to gas. In response, ASKO has launched a smart new cooktop with a smart and sophisticated new finish.
The matte black glass induction cooktop includes a brushed pattern screening and, surprisingly, blends into almost any kitchen design. The stylish look is a combination of superior scratch resistant and fingerprint resistant surfaces, and is very easy to clean.

James Vogdanos, Marketing Director, ASKO, explains that pots and pans don’t need to be held in place. “Thanks to the anti-slip surface, you can whisk sauces in two different saucepans simultaneously, without the risk of having them move around the cooktop.”
Safer Surface
Induction cooking offers a safer option for little hands and people are catching on to it, according to James. “The cooktop only heats the surface area that is actually being used, so the rest of the cooktop is cool enough to touch,” he said. Additional safety features include automatic switch off when the temperature reaches 300 degrees Celsius or is left on for nine continuous hours.
Kitchen Design Trends
According to Interior Designer Shaynna Blaze, it’s all about simplicity of design when it comes to kitchens and there is a definite direction towards matte finishes. “The selections available were limited to shiny and glossy but now the option of matte finishes has taken off in a big way,” said Shaynna. “That’s a significant change in kitchen interiors and a lot of designs are including matte bench tops, tiles and doors, and having your cooktop to match gives your kitchen that sleek designer edge.”

Automatic Programs
ASKO’s matte induction cooktop is intelligent. There are six Auto Programs that indicate when correct temperatures are reached, ensuring the right temperature is maintained when boiling, frying, simmering, grilling or keeping food warm.

ASKO Pro Series™
Part of the new ASKO Pro Series collection, the matte glass induction cooktop is available as a 64cm ($2,999) or 90cm ($3,999) dual bridge.