ASKO - The best way to load your dishwasher

The best way to load your dishwasher

You’ve fed the family and finally got the kids to bed, or you’ve enjoyed a lovely, long dinner party - the last thing you want to do is head to the kitchen to stand washing plates and scrubbing baking dishes! Relaxing with a coffee on the sofa sounds far more appealing.

Apart from the self-care factor of having a dishwasher, did you know that they are faster, more hygenic, water efficient and do a better job than hand washing? They’re no longer considered a luxury, but rather a convenient, time saving necessity in our busy lives and homes.

Even though dishwashers are now a standard inclusion in most Australian homes, it’s common for different members of a household to disagree over the best way to load it. 

To rinse or not to rinse?

All you have to do is scrape off excess food and load the dishwasher - there’s no need to pre-rinse dishes. You can save time, effort and water because ASKO Dishwashers do the pre-rinsing. During the pre-rinse, the Super Cleaning System+ detects dirtiness levels and adjusts rinsing intensity accordingly. All food particles are dislodged from the dishes and eliminated them from dishwasher before the main wash starts. Additional spray arms and spray zones ensure everything is thoroughly cleaned.

How to stack your dishwasher

The best way to maximise cleaning, water and energy efficiency is to ensure you load your dishwasher correctly.

The most important thing is to avoid placing things randomly. Stack the same size plates together, facing the same way with the dirty side facing towards the centre of the dishwasher. Never try to cram place pots or bowls in by placing them on top of each other. By taking a little extra time to load your dishwasher in an orderly way you’ll not only ensure the best wash, but it will make unpacking so much easier.

ASKO Dishwashers make stacking a breeze with features including flexible racks with a height adjustment system, a middle basket, knife holders for added safety and fully extendable telescopic rails. Versatile FlexiRacks let you easily adjust the interior configuration of your dishwasher to fit in a large selection of different items from baking trays to long stemmed wine glasses. Flexible stacking means you can adjust the racks to suit the load and fit more into a single wash.

When the wash cycle is complete the turbo dry feature ensures that everything is completely dry and glasses free from spots and streaks.

Choosing an ASKO dishwasher with a Scandinavian heritage spanning 7 decades of quality appliance manufacturing and world-leading loading features could easily lead to arguments over who gets to load it... rather than whose turn it is to wash up.