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More than a pretty face: what matters in a household appliance

Have you been dreaming of upgrading your kitchen and household appliances? According to a recent survey carried out by Houzz and Home Australia, 93% of people who undertake a kitchen renovation upgrade their cooktops and other major appliances at the same time. While improving the look and feel of a kitchen is one of the key reasons for updating old appliances, good looks aren’t all that matter when it comes to buying new cooktops, dishwashers or any household appliance used on a daily basis. Let’s find out what makes the difference between a good and a great kitchen appliance.

Make every bit count

Since the introduction of electricity to households around Australia during the 1920s, Australians have relied on appliances to free up more time to relax and be around family. Though the first appliances to give us a hand in the kitchen were made well and made to last, as technology improved, the need for appliances to be replaced more regularly increased.

Rather than trying to design an appliance that will never need to be replaced, these days the priority in quality appliances should always be to make every bit of the appliance’s lifecycle as waste free as possible. Whether you’re looking for the best dishwasher on the market, a new steam oven or a gas cooktop, the first thing to find out is how long the appliance is expected to last. The more reliable the appliance, the less breakdowns are likely to occur, saving you from wasting food, having to spend extra money on ongoing repairs, and saving the materials used to make the appliance from being sent to landfill.

Upgrade to more time

Efficiency for a busy family might be measured in how long it takes for a load of washing to run or how quickly an induction cooktop heats up, but true efficiency is not having to spend time chasing up repairmen when an appliance breaks down. Breakdowns of household appliances are a huge drain of time and energy, especially as they always seem to happen at the busiest time of year! Doing some research into what appliances have a reputation for lasting many years could save you from running around and trying to feed a hungry family without a way to cook at home. More efficiency means less disruption to your family’s schedule and more time to take care of your own needs.

Invest in more than a machine

When a dishwasher sale takes a load of dishes off your hands while also taking a load off your mind, you know you’ve invested in more than machine. Trends in kitchen appliances are a fun way to keep your kitchen looking fresh, but why buy a machine that won’t last longer than a year? The most important factor in buying any kitchen appliance or household appliance is knowing that it’s going to work like a dream and keep on working for you long after you’ve lost the receipt. Adding a wok burner to your cooktop for those nights you feel like whipping up a homemade stir fry or discovering the magic of a pyrolytic oven that cleans itself after every Sunday roast are just a handful of ways you can create a peaceful, stable home for your family.

Everyday appliances are more than a way to keep your house running smoothly. If you’re in need of more time, more money and want less to worry about, purchasing an incredibly reliable kitchen appliance from ASKO should be your next big purchase. Keep the dramas on the telly and out of the kitchen by prioritising cooktops, dishwashers and ovens that minimise waste, don’t break down and become part of the family as they work for you for many years.