ASKO - Buying new kitchen appliances?

Buying new kitchen appliances? Ask yourself these questions first

Updating your kitchen appliances is an exciting task. It can also be daunting, though, especially if you’re doing it for the first time in years—or ever.

Chances are you’re on the lookout for a new oven, cooktop and dishwasher, but the array of features available in today’s kitchen appliances means it’s a good idea to do your research prior to opening your wallet.

Ask yourself these essential questions before you shop, to make sure you can tell a steam oven from a pyrolytic, and an induction cooktop from a wok burner.

What’s changed since you last bought kitchen appliances?

The domestic appliances market has changed dramatically in the past 20 years, with more appliance options, more price points and more technology available to consumers than ever before.

A kitchen has always been the functional heart of the home, but todays are expected to offer both function and beautiful design, as well as modern appliance options to suit every level of home cook.

Leonie Van-Hamburg, from Designed Kitchen Appliances in Western Australia, says people who haven’t been shopping for appliances in a while will see a huge difference when it comes to what’s available for their home. She believes ASKO’s ovens, cooktops, rangehoods and dishwashers offer functionality and performance which stands out in today’s market.

“Overall, oven capacities have gotten larger and more efficient, and there have been big improvements in the evenness of heat when cooking,” she says.

“Twenty years ago, you could not have put three trays of cookies in an oven at the same time and expected even results, but nowadays it’s just the norm—technologies have improved significantly to give this accuracy.”

Van-Hamburg says along with induction cooktops, combination steam ovens are something which has taken the home kitchen market by storm, and they are likely to be something many shoppers haven’t experienced before.

She says, “Compact combi steam ovens have been so popular that now we’ve seen the introduction of full-sized combi steam ovens into the market.”

ASKO’s timeless Scandinavian designs offer highly functional and durable ovens, cooktops, rangehoods and dishwashers with outstanding performance and style created to last and look good for years to come.

What type of cook are you?

Are you a diligent recipe follower, a simple home cook or do you love a gourmet experiment?

The right selection of appliances should always make you feel confident and happy in your new kitchen, rather than overwhelmed.

Van-Hamburg says understanding how to prioritise spending on appliances is about knowing how you prefer to cook and clean.

“If you love to bake and roast, it’s worth spending more of your budget on an oven, but if you are someone who doesn’t bake, put more money into a cooktop,” she says.

For the ultimate flexibility in cooktop appliances, says Van-Hamburg, ASKO’s Duo Fusion gas and induction combination cooktop is an outstanding option which brings the benefits of both gas and induction in the one appliance.

She advises that if you’re a messy cook and don’t relish the idea of scrubbing an oven, ASKO’s range of pyrolytic ovens provide a very low maintenance way to keep your oven in pristine shape. They clean using heat, saving users both time and the need to use harsh chemical cleaners.

Van-Hamburg says it’s wise to know how you plan to use your new kitchen, but equally important to discuss your options with an experienced appliance salesperson. Specialist sales staff will be able to show you how the newer technologies streamline daily tasks and make cooking more enjoyable.

Do you have layout constraints?

ASKO offers a wide variety of kitchen appliances with flexible integration and installation options, but whether you’re working on a renovation or a new build, there are bound to be things you need to work around or incorporate into your kitchen space.

Knowing whether an oven will be best situated under a bench or in the wall is a common consideration, and so is the positioning of other major appliances such as dishwashers and refrigerators.

Cooktop position, size and type is something else to consider. Make sure your new kitchen has the correct gas and electrical fixtures before finalising a purchase. This is particularly necessary when it comes to installing gas and induction cooktops, which require specific wiring and plumbing.

Will your new appliances add value to your house?

Maybe you’re in it for the long haul and plan to stay in your current home for years. Or maybe you’ll be selling in the near future. Whichever it is, purchase the best quality appliances you can within your budget.

If you plan to capitalise on your appliance investment when you sell your home, remember the kitchen is the way to many buyers’ hearts. Being able to include premium European appliances on a listing is a real estate agent’s dream. Long-lasting, timeless appliances are a hot ticket - one which can greatly elevate a home’s appeal to future buyers.

If it’s a long term home you’re fitting out, Van-Hamburg says don’t forget that kitchens are the hub of the house.

She says, “Getting it right for your family makes the difference between whether you’ll love your kitchen for the next 20 years or whether you want to change everything six months down the track.

“Appliances you don’t have to replace after a few years are important, and longevity of use with ASKO has always been a great selling point for the brand.

“ASKO kitchen appliances look great and they really represent fantastic value for money, which makes them a product I’m always happy to recommend.”