ASKO - More flexibility than ever

More flexibility than ever

ASKO Commercial washers offer 28 different programs to choose from, three of which can be customized according to specific needs.
Flexible programs ASKO Commercial washer

Disinfection program

Specialised to fulfil the strict standards of public health authorities, our disinfection program has an efficient pre-wash, which ensures that all proteins found in the laundry are dissolved and removed before the temperature is raised in the main wash. 

The disinfection program fulfils RKI - Robert Koch Institute standards when using DGHM - German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology approved detergents. These programs should be combined with specific detergent for proper disinfection.

Mop program

The specially developed mop program has an efficient cold prewash to remove larger dirt and gravel before the main wash.  

By adjusting the time and spin speed you can choose how much residual moisture you want to leave in the mop.

Microfibre program

The program has three rinses with a high water level in the first rinse for an optimal wash performance.

Asthma and allergy

Our washers are recommended by both the Swedish and Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Associations and meet their stringent criteria for allergy approval.

Our asthma and allergy approved washers have six unique programs.
Long durability Long durability Long life tests which equate to around 15.000 cycles of professional use include endurance tests at extra high temperatures, leakage and electricity safety tests. Every detail right down to component level is tested.
ECO friendly solutions ECO friendly solutions ASKO Commercial washers and dishwashers are all ECO models and can be connected to a hot water intake. This is ideal when you have an environmentally friendly and economic source of hot water, such as, solar panels or a heat pump.