ASKO - 54 Hayes Lane Project

5x4 Hayes Lane


5x4 Hayes Lane

A unique inner city dwelling set on an unusually small footprint designed, built & powered with passive and active eco-driven processes, materials and performance considerations.

The 5x4 Hayes Lane Project will demonstrate and encourage debate around sustainable living, a healthy form of densification in the city of Melbourne and how to achieve it through best practice design and living.

Using principles as its guide for the physical design of the project, The 5x4 Project explores adaptation around behaviour to reduce ecological footprints in a city and acts as a platform to disseminate progress and learnings from the process.

5x4 Hayes Lane render
Image by ARKit
The motivation for the 5x4 Hayes Lane Project is to construct a dwelling utilizing a small footprint of land. The space is to be liveable, functional and aesthetically grounded in a contemporary design. The engineering and materials in this project should be celebrated and on show. Living sustainably should not mean compromising on quality and The 5x4 Project aims to challenge such existing perceptions and encourage us all to embrace greener living.

5x4’s focus is to do all this in an environmentally responsible manner, looking at the whole life cycle of the dwelling. From conception to decommission. 

The project needs to bring together all the specialists in their respective fields to contribute to the success of achieving these goals and as such reaches out to ASKO, partnering to utilise their high quality technology that employs lower levels of consumable energy. 

With the knowledge gained through the process, the project should be used as a vehicle to showcase, demonstrate and share the outcomes.
One planet action plan
One Planet Living® is an initiative based on 10 guiding principles of sustainability developed by BioRegional and WWF. The framework aims to make sustainable living easy and affordable for all.
One Planet 10 principles
Images provided by OPL

The One Planet Living Initiative is free to use and helps people and organisations around the world live and work within a fair share of our planet’s resources.

Ecological Footprinting Analysis shows that if everyone in the world lived like an Australian (or Victorian) then we would need 4 planets to sustain us. If we all lived the average American lifestyle, we’d need five planets to sustain us; the 5x4 Hayes Lane Project hopes to be a small project with a large outcome in the right direction to sustain and support both our planet and our livability.