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Commercial Tumble Dryers

ASKO Commercial dryers are easy to use and assure precise drying results.

Our unique and patented SensiDry system assures continuous automatic sensing to dry loads of your laundry in the shortest possible time and with the lowest possible energy consumption.

As one of the quietest professional tumble dryers on the market it will also contribute to a good sound environment.

Long durability Long durability Long life tests which equate to around 15.000 cycles of professional use include endurance tests at extra high temperatures, leakage and electricity safety tests. Every detail right down to component level is tested.
ECO friendly solutions ECO friendly solutions ASKO commercial washers and dishwashers are all ECO models and can be connected to a hot water intake. This is ideal when you have an environmentally friendly and economic source of hot water, such as, solar panels or a heat pump.