ASKO - Caring for the Environment


Nature is an important part of Swedish life, caring for the environment has always been an integral part of our culture. For us, it’s not just about how much we use, but how little we waste in production, whilst our products are in use, and when they are disposed of.

Caring for nature

Since 1999 ASKO factories have achieved environmental certification in accordance with ISO14001 Environmental Management System, which means everything is done as environmentally friendly as possible. We have recently upgraded our certification level to EMAS (the most credible environmental management tool on the market). The EMAS certification is awarded to organisations which have demonstrated continual improvement and focus on their environmental performance. 

ECO Washing Machine

One important example of this is that all components in our laundry appliances and dishwashers that weigh more than 50 grams are labelled for recycling.

We’re proud to say our products are some of the most efficient on the market, saving precious energy resources and energy costs for our customers.

Water saving

All ASKO washing machines and dishwashers are built around the common goal of saving water. Our washing machines all feature impressive water ratings with the W6884ECO boasting a 5 star WELS water rating. 

Our washing machines offer SensiSave technology which detects the size of your laundry load and adjusts water levels and time accordingly. This results in less water and energy consumption for smaller loads. 

Sensors in the washing machine detect how much water is being absorbed during the wash (i.e some garments require less water than others) and adjusts the incoming inflow accordingly.  

Energy conservation

Our ECO washing machines offer both a hot and cold connection meaning hot water can flow directly into the machine. This means less time is required to heat the water leading to less energy consumption and lower electricity bills. 

ASKO T754CHP and T784CHP tumble dryers both feature 6 star energy ratings which ensures the appliances consume as little energy as possible to operate. 

Our dryers feature SensiDry technology which detects the level of moisture in clothing and turns off the machine when clothing items are dry. This conserves energy and also saves time. 

Saving both time and energy

Not only do our washing machines and dryer offer energy and water savings, but our dishwashers do to. 

Our Super Cleaning System+ program blasts dishes before the main wash meaning you don't need to waste water or energy pre-rinsing beforehand. 

Offering an Eco-wash program, many of our dishwashers work to conserve and save water during the main wash. 

Last, but not least, our dishwashers all feature impressive water and energy ratings which are identifiable by the number of stars on the energy label.