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Top Loading vs Front Loading

Washing Machines – Top vs Front Loader

It’s human nature to remain faithful to familiar products, such as top loader washing machines that have been with Australian families for generations. However, the world moves on and new ideas and inventions continue to transform the way we live, including ASKO front loader washing machines that are taking over as the popular choice in contemporary homes.

Which is better: front load or top load washing machines?

Appliances are designed to be user-friendly, so it’s good that there are options for front loading and top loading washing machines, and the question naturally arises; which is better? The move toward front loading washing machines in modern homes is both for design and performance considerations, with energy and water savings important factors.

ASKO have been in the business of making superior washing machines since 1950, when Swedish farmer Karl-Erik Andersson constructed a superior, sturdy appliance for his mother. The ASKO ideals were founded, and the same standards of excellence apply to ASKO products to this day, with front loading washing machines appreciating the massive input by developers.

What are the advantages of a front load washing machine?

As with all appliance decisions, first impressions are important, and ASKO doesn’t disappoint. High quality materials and finishes stand out even from a distance, and it’s easy to see why ASKO are the stars of the showroom. On closer inspection, the programs, modes and features are more fully revealed, giving you an indication of multifunctional ASKO ingenuity, along with the advantages of front loading washing machines that include:

·        No central spin agitator that can damage delicate clothing

·        Less moving parts for easy maintenance and longer product life

·        Stainless-steel components that don’t need replacing

·        No toxic plastics, rubber and other perishables

·        Energy efficient gravity-assisted spinning

·        Huge long-term water and financial savings

Do front loaders use less water than top loaders?

Appliance manufacturers are in competition to create energy and water efficient products, and ASKO are leading the way. Front loader washing machines cut back on water use by incorporating a seamless stainless-steel drum that only needs to be partially filled to perform a complete wash cycle. In other words, your ASKO front loading washing machine uses approximately half the water used by top loading washing machines of comparable dimensions.

The savings add up fast, so it’s not worth holding onto an uneconomical appliance due to sentimental attachment. When the move toward using a superior product will also save you money, it’s time to make the change. ASKO front loading washing machines become trusted friends built with the finest materials for a long life of reliable use.

Do front loaders have a large capacity?

As an established Scandinavian appliance manufacturer with reach around Australia and the world, ASKO have the resources and expertise to introduce users to the latest washing machines for convenient contemporary living. Naturally, 10kg washing machines are well represented, with models that include:

  • W4104C.W.AU: If you thought all washing machines are created equal, you are in for a surprise. With 18 different programs and modes plus additional options for personalising the wash, the ASKO W4104C.W.AU is a laundry appliance game changer.
  • W8844XL: The 80L drum capacity provides plenty of room for 10kg of washing to spin unimpeded. With a 5-star energy rating and a 4.5-star water rating, this washing machine provides maximum washing form minimum cost.
  • W8844XL ECO: With the ECO washing system, even more savings are possible. Your ASKO washing machine can automatically adjust hot and cold water flow to achieve the exact temperature for perfect results every time.

Are front load washing machines easier to clean?

The shift toward front loading washing machine preference is in part due to ease of cleaning. ASKO front loading washing machines even include self-cleaning programs and other innovative ideas that save the user time. The exterior of an ASKO front loader is easy to clean and with a gentle wipe-down the top can also be used as temporary storage space.

Seamless workmanship of ASKO products means your appliance can look showroom-new for many years of hard-wearing use, while dozens of programs for tailoring any type of wash are accessed via the high-definition control panel. ASKO washing machines self-clean during the cycle, leaving nowhere for dirt and grit to hide.

ASKO washing machines use a filter to catch small objects such as coins and buttons. The filter is easily cleaned by running it under water, while the filter housing can be rinsed and wiped clean with a sponge or cloth. ASKO appliance versatility includes the opportunity to achieve superior washing results, coordinate laundry design and appreciate long-term savings.