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Environmental awareness is part of the household appliance revolution, and removing stains from clothing without harming the environment or sensitive skin is important. The best washing machines function optimally when using mild and safe detergents in tandem with intense washing action. When quality appliances are coupled with state of the art technology, functionality is dramatically increased, with program selections for stubborn stain removal easily performed by fingertip control.

Can a washing machine clean clothes with stains?

ASKO washing machines perform multiple wash functions that can be personalised for dedicated stain removal. Your washing can be tailored for precise water temperature, water level and a wash cycle that matches that garments or materials. Make sure to read the washing instruction label on any items you are uncertain about.

Most stains should be treated as soon as possible for best clothes washing results. Your ASKO washing machine cycle can be tailored for removing stains from cotton, wool, silk and synthetics. Here are a few extra tips and step by step instructions from the ASKO washing machine stain removal guide to ensure a gleaming clean wash.

Food and drink stain guide for cotton items

  • Butter / Grease: A standard wash is usually sufficient to remove stains – select normal white / colours or heavy soiling + pre-wash.
  • Chocolate: Remove as much chocolate as possible from the garment. Pre-treat the stain with washing liquid or detergent, then run an ASKO cycle at the highest temperature suitable for the garment.
  • Chewing gum: A standard wash is usually enough for satisfactory results – select heavy soiling + pre-wash.
  • Coffee: Soften old stains using glycerine, then pour boiling water over the stain. For stubborn stains on whites, try using bleach with 3% hydrogen peroxide, firstly on a concealed seam to make sure the garment is suitable for the procedure. Then wash as normal.
  • Red wine: Pour warm glycerine (50ºC) over the stain and work it in. Rinse with water and add 10% acetic acid and work the stain again. Use 3% hydrogen peroxide for suitable white garments where staining is still visible, then wash as normal.

Your ASKO stain removal guide is all part of the service, and provides valuable information for saving you lots of money. ASKO washing machines are easy on clothing, allowing your delicate items to last longer, and when stains are treated quickly and appropriately the results are satisfying. Here are a few more ASKO stain removal methods worth considering.

Fruit and vegetable stain removal guide

  • Beetroot: Hold the stain over steam and pour on warm glycerine (50ºC). Work the stain, then pour on laundry detergent solution. Add 10% acetic acid and rinse thoroughly. Use 3% hydrogen peroxide for suitable white garments, then machine wash as normal.
  • Tomato puree: A standard wash is normally enough – select heavy soiling + pre-wash for superior results.
  • Orange: A standard wash is usually adequate. – select normal white / colours or heavy soiling + pre-wash.

Do you wash clothes in hot or cold water to get stains out?

With an ASKO washing machine, the water temperature is automatically adjusted according to the load and settings chosen. Simply select a program using the easily navigated user interface, and the appliance will do the rest, including precise adjustments for stain removal and superior results with all washable fabrics.

ASKO washing machines include programmable wash cycles, personalised adjustments, and even saved program favourites for consistent results.  Our machines have fewer moving parts, while seamless stainless-steel, cast iron and other non- perishable materials are used in construction. Your ASKO appliance can always look great, remain free from unwanted odours, and get rid of the most stains. For more intense cleaning of stubborn stains, refer to your ASKO stain removal guide.

How do you pre-treat a stain before washing?

The method used to treat a stain is dependent on the stain itself. Along with the easy-care methods already mentioned, your ASKO washing machine is incredibly adaptable, including special program settings dedicated to stain removal. ASKO washing machines are designed to take care of the load while you put your feet up or get other things done. ASKO fully automated, adaptable and pre-set programs for stain removal include:

  • Everyday wash, Wool/hand wash, Dark wash, Easy care
  • Shirts, Bedding, Anti-allergy program (cotton or synthetic)
  • Super rinse, Super wash, High water level, Adjustable spin
  • Normal mode, Green mode, Allergy mode, Speed mode, Intensive mode

The amazing range of washing and stain removal programs is exciting, and something to be proud of. You can even choose to have your ASKO 8kg or 10kg washing machine installed by ASKO-trained professionals who will demonstrate the appliance for you in your home as part of the service. With ASKO, you have our entire team supporting your purchase.