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Washing Machine Spin Speed Guide

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Washing machine spin speed refers to the revolutions of the drum per minute, so a spin speed of 1200 makes 1200 revolutions every 60 seconds. That’s fast action support for clothes washing duty, and with ASKO washing machines the spin cycle and speed is tailored for every type of wash, from hard-wearing work clothes to delicates and nightwear.

What is spin speed on a washing machine?

As anyone with a poorly performing washing machine knows, the spin cycle can make the difference between almost-drip dry clothing or a dripping wet and messy jumble. Adequate spinning is essential, as it occurs at the end of the wash prior to clothing being hung out or placed in the clothes dryer.

A faster spin may seem like the sensible option, but your washing machine needs to be up to speed and in balance to perform well. ASKO washing machines include an optimally illuminated control panel with easy to understand interface, allowing users to select the appropriate wash type and spin speed every time.

Various materials are affected in different ways by the spinning motion, and it’s best to follow consumer guidelines when washing much-loved garments. A general indication of spin speeds used for different materials is as follows:

·        Cotton: 1400 rpm

·        Wool: 1200 rpm

·        Denim: 900 rpm

·        Dress shirts 600 rpm

·        Delicates: 600 rpm

·        Silk: 400 rpm

Is a faster spin speed better?

ASKO front loading washing machines don’t have a central agitator in the drum as in top loader appliances. This allows clothing and other wash to spin freely without becoming entangled, twisted or torn. Faster spin speed on an ASKO appliance simply means more water is drawn out of clothing, while dirt, pebbles and residue are guided through evacuation holes and washed away.

Faster spin speed isn’t required with every wash, however, and your ASKO appliance interface will assist your washing choices. Your ASKO washing machine will give you lots of ideas, built into the program and ready to go, including:

·        Anti-allergy program – cotton

·        Anti-allergy program – wool

·        Super rinse function

·        Adjustable spin speed

·        Green mode, Speed mode, Intensive mode

What is a spin cycle on a washing machine?

The spin cycle is usually the last step in the washing cycle. After spinning, the wash items should appear as if pressed flat through centrifugal motion and feel only slightly damp to touch. If your clothes remain sodden after the wash is complete, there is something amiss, and it could be time to check out the ASKO alternatives.

The advantages of Scandinavian minimalism and style are well known to Australians. The uptake of ASKO kitchen and laundry appliances has been astounding, with the products hitting the mark with money-conscious consumers looking for a good deal. Most reputable and stylish appliance retailers showcase ASKO washing machines worth exploring inside and out.

Can you change the spin speed on your washing machine?

ASKO automation is the intelligent way to do the washing, as the spin speed automatically adjusts according to the wash program you select. In addition, you can override selections with manual input to ensure the appliance does just what you want it to. ASKO products are versatile, providing fully automated programs, guided programs and totally personalised programs.

Does a washing machine with a faster spin speed make more noise?

Cheap and ineffective appliances are known to make a lot of noise for no good reason. When washing machines are unbalanced, overworked or falling apart, the wobbles soon become shakes that turn into thumping rattles vibrating the entire house. It’s simply not acceptable.

The ASKO alternative, where sturdy Quattro legs support the SteelSeal Drum, while the durable, brushless motor hums along, is hard to beat. From top to bottom, inside and out, ASKO developers don’t miss a trick, using state of the art technology, highest-quality materials and superior manufacturing to make appliances that last longer and work quietly but attractively away in the background.