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Appliance standards in Australian are among the highest in the world, and ASKO washing machines are favoured by home owners for all the right reasons. An ASKO washing machine load can be adapted using dozens of inbuilt features and programs, allowing users to experience economical innovations for saving water, reducing power and providing a superior clean with every load.

How long does it take to wash a load of laundry?

When using an ASKO washing machine, the duration of the wash is matched with the size of the load and type of wash. ASKO washing machines include dozens of programs, modes and features that enhance the washing experience, assist user selections and provide superior washing results. Your ASKO washing machine reciprocates with the user, and all you have to do is input wash selections on the easy-to-navigate interface and allow your appliance to work its magic.

ASKO washing machine cycles can last from a few minutes to a few hours depending on the washing function chosen. It’s worth understanding the water-wise nature of ASKO appliances that dramatically reduce water waste even during extended wash cycles. In addition, the ASKO spin power and gravity-assisted drum ensure excess water is drained from clothing, facilitating additional money saving during the clothes-drying cycle.  

Can you overload your washing machine?

Any washing machine can be overloaded, with poor wash results guaranteed. It’s important to follow product guidelines and appliance use specifications to ensure your washing machine delivers performance as promised. Fortunately, ASKO washing machines incorporate features that facilitate a tailored clothes-washing experience, such as a water level sensor, precise temperature control and Active Drum technology that guides pebbles, dirt and other impediments toward ingeniously created drains.

All ASKO washing machines advertise their load size plus water and energy-efficiency ratings. The 7kg, 8kg and 10kg washing machine weight standards refer to the maximum washing load weight rather than the weight of the machine itself, providing valuable guidance in choosing the right appliance for your household. Whether yours is a single-person household, or a big family home, ASKO has the perfect washing machine for you.     

How many clothes can fit in one load of washing?

If yours is a 10kg washing machine, you will be able to load a lot of items with a combined weight up to 10kg. ASKO appliances also include inbuilt assistance such as the wetness detector that allows the machine to compensate for wet and weightier items being loaded. Understanding the size of your average household wash load is an important step in purchasing the right appliance, and here is a simple method to determine your needs.

Step on the bathroom scales with your empty wash basket and take note of the weight. Now load your basket with an average size household wash, step back on the scales, and take note of the weight again. The difference between the two weight measurements will equate to the weight of your average wash load, allowing you to understand the appliance size that will cover your clothes washing needs.

Which load should you wash first?

Firstly, it makes sense to wash clothes or other items of similar material in the same wash cycle. In time you will become familiar with your ASKO washing machine average load size, duration of wash cycles, and ability to adapt to various wash needs. It makes no sense to wash several loads of towels only to discover you don’t have any clean socks, so coordinating washing duties with other members of the household will also save time and money.

How much water is used to wash a load of laundry?

A major advantage of ASKO front-loading washing machines is their water efficiency. ASKO front loading washing machine use almost half the amount of water of a top loader of similar capacity, providing savings with every load. Ingenious design considerations and programs include Pre-wash, Heavy wash, Super rinse function and a whole lot more to guarantee that targeted hot water and detergent work together exactly where they are needed.

ASKO have been developing superior washing machines for generations, and Australian households are reaping the benefits. When Scandinavian simplicity meets Australian style, the result is contemporary, appealing and very satisfying, and with more retailers than ever showcasing the ASKO appliance range, the choices just keep getting better.