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Washing Machines – Load Capacity

Household purchasing decisions include investigating appliance options, and in the case of washing machines, bigger isn’t always better. The load capacity of a washing machine plays an important role by helping tailor purchasing decisions for small, medium and large households, ultimately saving washing machine users time and money.

What does a washer’s capacity in kilograms mean?

Front loading washing machines are commonly manufactured in 7kg, 8kg and 10kg models. These weights refer to the suitable wash-load weight and not the weight of the appliance itself. ASKO washing machines weigh closer to 45kg, giving them the stability, strength and durability required to handled tough use for many years.

A 7kg washing machine is suitable for individuals or couples who only wash small loads. Larger 10kg washing machines, on the other hand, are ideal for larger families, sporting families, and families with several young children. The capability of modern appliances becomes apparent once you investigate ASKO programs, modes and features that perform in synchronicity with first-class manufacturing.

How can you select a washing machine capacity you need?

It’s worth understanding your washing machine capacity needs prior to making a purchasing decision. Advantages of technology include the ability to save water and energy, but only if the appliance is used appropriately. For example, purchasing a 10kg washing machine may seem like a good idea to cover all washing eventualities, but the energy used to run the larger machine and water used for regular washing may make the 10kg machine inefficient and cost prohibitive for your needs.

It’s easy to get a good estimate of your average wash load size, and then purchase an appliance that suits your requirements. Simply step on the bathroom scales holding your empty wash basket and take note of the weight. Now, step back onto the scales, this time holding the basket containing an average household wash load, and again take note of the weight. The difference between the two weight measurements is your average wash load weight, helping you to narrow down washing machine purchasing decisions.

What washing machines have a large capacity?

When it comes to variety, ASKO are hard to beat. As a highly regarded appliance manufacturer with decades of award winning manufacturing experience, ASKO have the brand power to provide their complete range of appliances suitable for contemporary Australian homes. This includes all washing machine sizes, including a range of large capacity 10kg models with amazing new features. ASKO 10kg Washing Machines include:

·        W4104C.W.AU: If you thought all washing machines are created equal, you are in for a surprise. With 18 different programs and modes plus additional options for personalising the wash, the ASKO W4104C.W.AU is a laundry appliance game changer.

·        W8844XL: The 80L drum capacity provides plenty of room for 10kg of washing to spin unimpeded. With a 5-star energy rating and a 4.5-star water rating, this washing machine provides maximum washing form minimum cost.

·        W8844XL ECO: With the ECO washing system, even more savings are possible. Your ASKO washing machine can automatically adjust hot and cold water flow to achieve the exact temperature for perfect results every time.

Do front loaders have a large capacity?

The capacity of front loading washing machines is comparable to that of top loading machines. However, many people consider loading and unloading the front loader easier due to the absence of a central spin agitator. This free-spinning capacity also means there is much less likelihood of clothing becoming tangled and remaining wet.

Although large enough for generous household wash loads, ASKO front loaders don’t dominate the laundry. Traditional appeal of clean lines and seamless manufacture is apparent, and the front loader also provides temporary storage space on top of the appliance while sorting clothing or other items. ASKO make individual washing machine components perform multi-functions, resulting in tailored washing choices for every type of wash.

Are front load washing machines easier to clean?

ASKO front loading washing machines are incredibly easy to clean, and even incorporate self-cleaning programs. ASKO washing machines are made of stronger materials, where stainless-steel replaces plastic and rubber, and there is no place for dirt to hide. ASKO even self-cleans during the wash, as specially shaped fins on the washing machine drum guide grit and grime toward evacuation holes for removal.

ASKO washing machines have a filter that retains small objects such as coins and buttons. The filter is easily cleaned by running it under water, while the filter housing can be rinsed and wiped clean with a sponge or cloth. Your ASKO appliance is the no fuss way to achieve superior washing results. The entire exterior of your ASKO Front Loading Washing Machine will look its best with a wipe-down using a soft cloth and mild detergent, allowing both you and ASKO to appreciate a job well done.