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8KG Front Loader Washing Machine : W4086P.W.AU

Environmentally Friendly Washing Machines

WELS Registration Number: C01467 

WELS rating: 5 stars, 56L/wash. Energy rating: 5 stars, 216 kWh per year. 

This model has been approved for the Asthma Council Sensitive Choice endorsement thanks to our SteelSeal solution. SteelSeal provides a more hygienic wash by eliminating the rubber door bellow that can trap dirt and grime, causing mould to build up over time. 

The appeal of front loading washing machines is undeniable. Attractive, functional and easy on clothes, the best front loaders are a genuine laundry design consideration worth exploring. ASKO appliances lead the way with minimalist style that conceals powerful performance and quiet operation. The ASKO W4086P.W.AU is an example of modern appliance development where form and function coexist in perfect harmony.

What is the best front loading washing machine?

Australian consumer expectations are high when it comes to laundry appliances. Competition is fierce between manufacturers, including price offerings that appear too good to be true. It’s worth understanding that bargain basement prices offer only short term financial solutions that often result in ear-shattering headaches and financial heartache. The best front loading washing machines, on the other hand, are hard-wearing, durable, quiet to operate and visually appealing.

The ASKO W4086P.W.AU is built to last using innovative technologies and sturdy, solid-cast components. Safety and maintenance capability, for example, includes thermal and electronic protection against overheating, unbalance detection, a waterproof bottom plate and anti-block drain pump. ASKO is always visually appealing but its what goes on behind the scenes that makes the real difference. Stainless steel and cast iron components last for life, and when combined with active drum technology and precise temperature control, professional wash results are guaranteed every time. Additional construction and performance innovations include:

·        Pro Wash washing system which soaks the load faster for a more superb washing result. 

·        Quattro Construction for vibration-free spinning

·        Water level sensor

·        Durable brushless motor

·        Adjustable feet

·        High-definition LCD display

·        Favourite programs saving function

What is the capacity of this washing machine?

The ASKO W4086P.W.AU front loading washing machine has a 1-8 kg capacity and spin speed of 1600 rpm. With a 2000 W heater capacity and 60 litre drum volume the W4086P.W.AU performance results in an impressive 5 star energy rating and 5 star water rating. The machine weighs 76.5 kg, including a 10.2 kg cast iron counter weight, enhancing sturdy and stable functioning for every wash.

With noise levels of only 77dB maximum, washing doesn’t need to be a distraction, allowing you to enjoy regular household duties free from disturbance. ASKO front loading washing machines are the user-friendly alternative for every type of wash cycle. Normal mode, Green mode, Allergy mode, Speed mode and Intensive mode cycles are all possible with the W4086P.W.AU, allowing you to get the wash results you desire.

What are the programs and functions?

The ASKO W4086P.W.AU is versatile, adaptable and incredibly convenient for a tailored washing experience. The programs and functions are illuminated on the high-definition control panel interface, allowing you to select the right wash cycle for every type of material. Program modes include everyday wash, cotton, wool/hand wash, dark wash and mix/synthetics. Shirts and bedding also have tailored wash cycles, along with anti-allergy programs for cotton and synthetic materials. When washing is done, the drum cleaning mode makes maintenance easy. With the W4086P.W.AU your clothing becomes fresh, clean and blemish-free at the push of a button.

ASKO W4086P.W.AU additional options include super rinse, super wash and prewash options plus adjustable spin speed. ASKO innovators are dedicated to creating the best appliances for Australian households, and a visit to any quality showroom will reveal the full extent of ASKO popularity. Scandinavian style remains enduringly in vogue, with form and function on display for everyone to appreciate. The W4086P.W.AU is a seamlessly integrated appliance that will look showroom-fresh during many years of hard-wearing use.

How much water does a front loader use?

The attraction of front loader washing machines extends far beyond appearances alone. The best front loading washing machines focus on multifunctional capability, with water savings an important consideration. Water-wise solutions with ASKO front loading washing machines allow users to save precious resources with every wash. To put things in perspective, front loading washing machines use approximately one third the water of upright models that can drain 150 litres with every wash cycle, making front loaders a genuine sustainable alternative.

How do you use a front loading washing machine?

People who are used to top loading washing machines are surprised at just how easy front loaders are to use. The spacious drum capacity free from an intrusive central agitator allows plenty of room for larger loads that don’t get tangled and remain sodden. The easy to navigate control panel on the ASKO W4086P is where things get really exciting, opening up a whole new world of washing potential for users.

With the simple push of a button, all settings, programs and modes can be minutely adjusted for a tailored user experience. Features include a SteelSeal door without rubber components, Quattro internal legs for added stability and ActiveDrum technology for a gentler, cleaner wash every time. ASKO remains the appliance manufacturer of choice for Australians who appreciate convenience, cleanliness and style that never goes out of fashion.

General description

Product group: Washing Machine
Installation type: Freestanding
Capacity: 8 kg
Spin speed: 1600 rpm
Available colour: White

Programs, options and modes

Wool/hand wash
Dark wash
Time program
Easy care
Drum cleaning
Quick Pro
Anti-allergy program cotton
Anti-allergy program synthetic

Additional options

Spin speed: Adjustable spin speed
Super rinse function
Super wash
High water level

Run Modes

Normal mode, Green mode, Allergy mode, Speed mode, Intensive mode

Construction & Performance

Quattro™ Construction – vibration-free spinning
Long lasting stainless steel drum
Cast iron
Active Drum technology
Heater capacity (W): 2000 W
Precise temperature control (max deviation: +/- 1 °C)
Water level sensor
Drum volume: 60 l
Durable brushless motor
Pro Wash system - extra effective washing and rinsing

Use & Flexibility

Easy close door
Slide-in storage for liquid detergent wall
Door diameter: 31 cm
Door opening angle: 110 °

Interaction & Control

Up to 24 hours
Display type: LCD display

Design & Integration

Door opening: Left
Adjustable feet: 10 mm
Tumble dryer can be mounted on top of washing machine
3/4" Cold water connection
Loading position: Front

Safety & Maintenance

Waterproof bottom plate
Maximized water inlet time
Anti block drain pump
Overflow protection
Emergency door opening key
Lockable control panel
Possible to open door from inside
Unbalance detection
Overheat protection
Thermal and electonic protection against overheating

Technical data

Heater capacity (W): 2000 W
Drum volume: 60 l
Water connection: 3/4" Cold water connection
Counter weight material: Cast iron
Counter weight (kg): 10,4 kg
Noise level: 77 dB(A)re 1 pW
Noise level washing: 50 dB(A)re 1 pW
Energy stars: 5
Water stars: 5
Connection rating: 2200 W
Voltage: 220-240 V
Number of phases: 1
Current: 10 amp
Frequency: 50 Hz
Net weight: 76,5 kg
Marked for recycling: Yes
ISO 14001: Yes


Product dimensions (HxWxD): 85 × 59,5 × 58,5 cm
Adjustable feet: 10 mm
Depth with door open: 942 mm
Length electrical cord: 2,3 m
Lenght inlet hose: 150 cm
Length outlet hose: 160 cm

Logistic information

Dimensions of packed product (HxWxD): 92 × 64 × 66,1 cm
Gross weight: 79,7 kg
Product code: 729205
EAN code: 3838782060861