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What is A Front Loader Washing Machine?

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If you haven’t purchased a new washing machine for a few years and are about to explore retail appliance ideas, be prepared for a few surprises. Front loader washing machines have taken over and are now the popular choice with Australians who want innovative solutions, and ASKO washing machines are near the top of most people’s wish-list.

How do you use a front load washing machine?

Front load washing machines are not a new concept and have been around for decades, although the uptake by Australians had lagged prior to the arrival of highly-regarded Scandinavian brands such as ASKO. Front load washing machines are extremely easy to use, and any concerns related to front load convenience will soon be forgotten.

There is no central agitator in the drum, familiar in top-load washing machines. This makes loading the large cavity space a breeze. Seamless, form fitting stainless-steel components are a major ASKO difference, such as the SteelSeal door, constructed without perishable rubber or plastic, and built to stand the test of time.

The high definition control panel, with left-to-right input of programs and modes, provides abundant options and makes getting started simple. From the moment you run your first wash cycle you will notice the sturdy support and quiet operation, as the Quattro legs absorb vibration and stand firm, and precision-made components work in harmony.

How do you clean a front loading washing machine?

Almost all functions of progressive ASKO washing machines are automated, including self-cleaning programs. Simply select the ‘Drum Cleaning’ program on the control panel, and your appliance will do the rest. In addition, ASKO washing machines clean as they go, using innovative ideas such as the ingeniously designed drum with fins that guide dirt, stones and debris toward evacuation holes to be washed away.

The open drum cavity is seamlessly constructed without using perishable materials, so there is no place for dirt to build up or bad smells to hang around. ASKO front loading washing machines can always look showroom-new. The exterior is constructed with the same level of finished detail, where unbroken lines and smooth corners are easily wiped clean using a soft cloth and mild detergent.

Which is better: front or top load washing machines?

It’s good to have choices and there will always be fans of top load washing machines. There are some good products on the market, but the advantages of front load washing machines can’t be overlooked. ASKO Front Loading Washing Machines have a lot of advantages, including:

·        Front loading washing machines use half the amount of water as top loaders

·        The high energy-star rating of ASKO front loaders is proof of superior performance

·        With no central agitator, front loaders don’t rip and destroy clothing

·        The top of a front loading washing machine makes good temporary storage space

·        With seamless connections, grime can’t build-up in a front loader

How much water does a front load washing machine use?

Environmentally conscious decisions include appliance manufacturers creating energy and water efficient products. Front loader washing machines are the obvious choice for people wanting to cut back on water use. A front loader uses far less water as the drum only needs to be partially filled to perform a complete wash cycle.

The savings really add up, so if you find you are clinging on too long to your old-fashioned top-loader, it could be time to make a change that will ultimately save you money. ASKO environmentally conscious decisions extend to use of long-lasting components and fully recyclable materials.

What can you wash in a front loading washing machine?

Anything that can be washed in a top loading washing machine can be washed in a front loader. With 7kg, 8kg and 10kg models available, ASKO front loaders have every household covered. The kg classification refers to the appropriate wash-load weight rather than appliance weight, and it’s easy to work out the weight of your average household wash-load.

Simply step on the bathrooms scales with your empty wash basket and take note of the weight. Now weigh yourself again, this time holding the wash basket full and ready for washing, and take note of the weight. The difference between the two weight measurements is your wash kg load. Front loader washing machines are gentle on delicate items that can get entangled in top loader agitators.

The quiet operation and powerful spin of ASKO washing machines means your wash will even save time and energy during the drying cycle. ASKO appliances are multifunctional and highly awarded for their appearance, capability and energy savings, and Australian consumers are appreciating the benefits.