ASKO - Clothing


Almost everyone has experienced the distress of discovering a favourite clothing item chewed up by a bad washing machine. Front-loading washing machines are the solution, where clothes tumble effortlessly, assisted by gravity, and the seamless stainless-steel wash-drum of ASKO washing machines means clothing can’t get trapped, tangled or torn.

Can you put all clothes in the washing machine?

Along with improvements in washing machine performance, ASKO front-loading washing machines provide a soft-touch where clothing is cleaned, rinsed and spun without stretching, stressing or tearing delicate items. At the other end of the spectrum, ASKO appliances can handle the toughest wash, with programs that include Super wash, Super rinse, Dark wash, Intensive mode and Allergy mode.

Depending on the wash program you choose, the water level, temperature and wash cycle is fully tailored. Every component of your ASKO washing machine has been designed and built for multi-tasking, including seamless stainless-steel, gravity assisted spinning, pre-programmed favourites, the self-cleaning program and dozens of modes for cleaning every type of clothing.

ASKO washing machines use minimal power and water, while providing optimum wash results. Our solutions include broader clothes washing options to ensure clothing doesn’t shrink, stain or stretch out of shape, allowing you to save money with programs and features that include:

·        Everyday wash, Wool/hand wash, Easy care, Quick wash

·        Normal mode, Green mode, Allergy mode, Speed mode, Intensive mode

·        Precise temperature control with a maximum deviation of only one degree.

·        Water level sensor and durable brushless motor for quieter operation

·        High definition LCD display panel for convenient washing machine navigation

·        Unbalance detection, Overheat protection and Anti-block drain pump

Can you put shoes in a washing machine?

The decision to wash shoes in the washing machine will depend on the material the shoes are made of. In many cases, the label on your shoes will notify if they are machine washable, and as a general rule it’s best not to machine wash shoes that are made from animal products such as leather and suede. For fabrics that are damaged by water, specialised shoe cleaning products are advised as the alternative.

However, there are many kinds of shoes that are perfectly suitable for cleaning in your ASKO washing machine. Most runners and sports shoes, plus kid’s shoes made from textiles such as cotton, nylon and polyester happily withstand machine washing. If the care label on footwear recommends ‘hand wash only’ you may be able to wash such items using the convenient ASKO ‘hand wash’ program.

How should you wash cotton clothing?

Tailored ASKO clothes washing solutions naturally extend to cotton clothing, bedding and other items. It’s as easy as choosing the ‘Cotton’ clean program and allowing your ASKO appliance to do the rest. Alternatively, you might like to personalise the wash even more with options that include:

·        Hygiene wash

·        Shirts wash

·        Bedding wash

·        Anti-allergy program (cotton)

·        Super rinse function

·        High water level wash

What clothing colours can be washed together?

ASKO clothes washing programs are easy to access and operate. The user settings are highly illuminated and easily navigated for exacting wash settings. With intelligent ASKO guidance, saved favourites and adaptable modes, anyone can program consistent, reliable and tailored washing results.

ASKO wash cycle modes can be adapted for whites, colours, dark items, shirts, bedding and more to ensure your much-loved clothing and other items remain undamaged. With a little organisation, you will catch up with the clothes washing in no time, and with the addition of an ASKO tumble dryer or heat-pump dryer, your space can be maximised with efficient productivity.

How should you wash white clothes?

ASKO washing machines have a dedicated wash program specifically designed to make whites even whiter. In addition, our appliances remain free from mould, trapped debris or deterioration that can cause unwanted odours to permeate the washing. Simply input your desired settings into the control panel, and your ASKO washing machine is ready to take over with quiet, powerful operation and superior clothes washing results.