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Tumble Dryer Features

Butterfly Drying

Butterfly Drying
Two paddles inside the machine gently push the clothing in a figure eight, to spread the garments out and allow air to evenly circulate through them. This prevents bundling and minimises creasing in your clothes. 

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SensiDry prevents shrinking
SensiDry detects the level of moisture in your clothes and automatically turns off when they are dry. This prevents shrinking while saving energy.

6 Star Energy Rating

6 star energy dryers
Heat pump technology puts our T754CHP & T784CHP among the most energy efficient dryers in the world, so you’ll save money with every use.

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Double lint filter

Double lint filter
Lint impairs the circulation inside the dryer which leads to a higher energy consumption. This is why ASKO dryers are fitted with a particularly efficient double filter. This prevents lint from gathering and increases the life span.

Reversible Door

ASKO Dryers have a reversible door system that gives you the option of a left or right hinging door, so you have the flexibility to match it to the layout of your laundry.

ASKO heat pump and condenser tumble dryers are changing the way Australians approach clothes washing. Consumers demand no-fuss solutions to common household duties, and ASKO appliances are the versatile solution for complementing your quality décor. When it’s time for hard work, the attractive Scandinavian-style tumble dryers are ready to shine and the days of battling against inclement weather are long gone.

Are clothes dryers safe?

When used correctly, a clothes dryer is a very safe appliance. ASKO clothes dryers are premium products with built-in mechanisms that improve safety without sacrificing performance, and are constructed using highest-quality materials for a long lifespan of reliable use. By following simple user-friendly guidelines you are guaranteed clean, dry and fragrant washing, ready to be worn or ironed. Here are a few tips.

1: Keep the area around your dryer free from clutter. ASKO clothes dryers use minimum heat for maximum drying potential.

2: Always read the product label on clothing and other washables to ensure they are suitable for drying in your clothes dryer. This will avoid shrinkage or damage to delicate items.

3: Clean the lint filter prior to using the clothes dryer. Lint build up can undermine drying potential and elevate the temperature unnecessarily.

4: Don’t overload your clothes dryer. Overloading can delay drying time and force the appliance motor to work harder than it should.

5: Only use a clothes dryer in good working order. ASKO appliances rarely have any performance issues, and for service and repair, a qualified ASKO technician is close at hand.

How reliable are clothes dryers?

Modern ASKO clothes dryers are incredibly reliable and last for many years. If you change address or move often, your ASKO appliance can go with you without missing a beat. Heat pump tumble dryers use revolutionary hot air circulation and condensation removal design features. Warm air is re-heated and re-circulated during the drying cycle instead of being removed, allowing the appliance to maximise drying power and energy efficiency. Innovative clothes dryer features include:

·        Terry Towlesprogram that ensures all moisture is removed from the heaviest of towels.

·        Iron Dryprogram that leaves a small amount of moisture in clothing for easy ironing.

·        Airing (revitalise)program for occasionally used garments that require refreshing.

·        Extra Dryprogram that makes bedding totally warm, dry and snug.

How much does it cost to run a tumble dryer?

Power bills continue to rise, but ASKO is dedicated to bucking the trend. Our heat pump dryers are incredibly energy-efficient, with 7, 8 and 9-star energy ratings. By purchasing a quality ASKO product you can shave hundreds of dollars annually off power bills. Additional features that enhance user satisfaction and save money include:

·        Long lasting stainless steel drum

·        Durable brushless motor

·        Humidity sensor

·        Time controlled drying

·        Load and dryness settings

·        Overheat protection

Do you need a vent for your dryer?

At ASKO, we focus on adaptable appliance solutions for every type of home. Our clothes dryers can be freestanding, without the need for ugly venting systems protruding through a window or wall. Innovative condenser and heat pump drying systems re-use hot air without unsightly extraction systems, ultimately using less energy and creating a comfortable laundry work space.

How often should you clean the lint filter?

The easily removed and replaced double lint filter should be cleaned prior to every tumble dryer use. This will ensure energy isn’t wasted and you appliance can perform at optimum capacity. Additional features that enhance user satisfaction include the amazing butterfly drying system, SensiDry moisture level protection, drum illumination, thermal and electronic protection and a lockable control panel with memory settings.

ASKO products have been the Scandinavian-style appliances of choice for decades, and the uptake of high quality clothes dryers by Australian consumers is a sure sign of success. If you are embarking on a new home build or undertaking renovations to your present dwelling, ASKO appliances will show you an entirely new way of living in style.