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Classic Dryers - A timeless classic

This model has a 2 star energy rating.

Classic models are characterized by the same technology, design and smart features as the other ASKO models. The front panel, panel and controls are tuned to each other and have a discreet yet elegant appearance. The LCD display is easy to read from different angles thanks to white background and black numbers. Clarity and ease of use are two key aspects of the interaction philosophy. The program names appear as text in 25 languages, all of which are easy to select from the menu.

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For a budget conscious introduction to the advantages of ASKO appliances, it’s hard to go past the ASKO T208CWAU Condenser Tumble Dryer. With a price tag everyday Australians can afford, plus features that propel housework convenience into the 21st Century, this stylish clothes dryer is sure to impress.

What items can be dried in a tumble dryer?

An immediate advantage with progressive ASKO tumble dryers is the ability to choose appropriate settings. This allows users to safely dry almost every type of clothing and material using the minimum energy required. Drying program options are easily accessed via the clearly illuminated display panel, allowing you to select the ideal program for the laundry you wish to dry.

Here are some ASKO T208CWAU Condenser Tumble Dryer settings suggestions:

Auto Extra Dry: This automatic intensive drying program is ideal for thick and multi-layered laundry. When done, the items are completely dry and ready to be stored.

Auto Dry: Useful for thicker non-sensitive cotton items. The items will be dried and ready to be stored or worn.

Auto Normal Dry: A great program for reasonably heavy laundry of the same thickness. Once dry, the items will be dry or slightly moist.

Auto Iron Dry: The perfect drying program for cotton clothing items that you intend to iron once they are dry.

Auto Synthetics: A more sensitive drying mode for mixed cotton and synthetic fibres, ensuring clothing and other items stay in shape.

Bedding: With this program, adjusted drum rotation prevents laundry from tangling, making it ideal for bedding and larger items.

Quick Pro: For people on the go and those with a few simple stains to remove, Quick Pro mode complements fast wash cycles for a speedy clean.

Time Program: The Time Program duration can be adjusted from 30 minutes to 4 hours, ensuring you remove all remaining dampness from any items.

Airing: Versatile ASKO solutions include dryer use without hot air, allowing you to air and refresh your clothing or other wash.

System Settings: This feature allows you to personalise the tumble dryer functions with options that include child lock, visual display, sound indicators, language and more.

Are there advantages to owning a condenser tumble dryer?

Tumble dryer preferences are an individual consideration. Although a condenser tumble dryer uses more electricity than a condenser/heat-pump tumble dryer, the attractive purchase price can provide an automatic 50% saving. If you require an appliance that fits the budget while still meeting household needs, the ASKO T208CWAU Condenser Tumble Dryer is worth serious consideration.

In addition, condenser tumble dryers don’t require external venting, possibly saving you thousands of dollars on an expensive installation. ASKO innovators create appliances that are simple to install, easy to maintain and ready for action whenever you are.

What features make ASKO tumble dryers stand out?

All ASKO tumble dryers incorporate features that make them stand out from the competition. The appearance is alluring thanks to smooth curves and seamless engineering, with minimalist appeal popular in modern Australian homes. ASKO T208CWAU tumble dryer innovations include:

·        Sensor and time-controlled drying for energy-efficiency

·        Highest quality stainless steel drum constructed to resist clothes tangling

·        Highly visible LCD display plus audible signals

·        Time setting, humidity sensor and delayed start

·        Dryness level setting, anti-crease and low temperature options

These are just a sample of the programs and features available, and the appliance can be tailored to suit the wash load, use less energy and save you money. ASKO emphasises both form and function, and Australian households are the big winners.

How do you clean the tumble dryer?

Cleaning should always be performed with the appliance switched off and unplugged from the mains. Apart from removing lint from the filter, there are a few occasional maintenance tasks, such as emptying the condensate tank and cleaning the water condenser filter. All processes take only a few moments and are clearly outlined in your ASKO Tumble Dryer user manual.

The appliance exterior can always look its best simply by using a damp cloth, soft detergent and a paper towel. ASKO uses single piece components wherever possible, ensuring easier cleaning, less maintenance and greater reliability. With so many features included to make life easier, it’s no surprise Australians are turning to ASKO for solutions, and maybe it’s time you did too.

General description

Model name: T208C.W.AU
Installation type: Freestanding
Capacity: 1-8 kg
Number of programs: 9
Heater type: Energy-saving electric heater
Display type: LCD display
Anticrease: Anticrease
Available colour: White


Construction & Performance

Long lasting stainless steel drum
Single phase motor
Energy-saving electric heater
Sensor and time controlled drying
Heater capacity (W): 2500 W
Drum volume: 117 l
Butterfly drying system

Use & Flexibility

Water container: 6 l
Auto programs
Easy clean door lint filter
Door diameter: 34 cm
Door opening angle: 180 °
Time setting
Humidity sensor

Interaction & Control

Delayed start
Remaining time indicator
Display type: LCD display
End of programme sound signal
Program memory

Programs, options and modes

Auto dry
Auto iron dry
Auto normal dry
Auto synthetic
Timed drying
Quick Pro - effective quick program

Design & Integration

Door opening: Reversible door opening
Adjustable feet: 15 mm
Loading position: Front

Safety & Maintenance

Lockable control panel
Overheat protection
Thermal and electonic protection against overheating


Technical data

Heater capacity (W): 2500 W
Noise level: 65 dB(A)re 1 pW
Power consumption in left-on mode: 0,3 W
Power consumption off mode: 0,3 W
Grounded plug: Grounded plug
Plug type: AU plug
Connection rating: 2250 W
Voltage: 220-240 V
Current: 10 amp
Frequency: 50 Hz
Net weight: 45 kg
Marked for recycling: Yes
ISO 14001: Yes


Product dimensions (HxWxD): 85 × 59,5 × 65,4 cm
Depth with door open: 1165 mm
Length electrical cord: 2,1 m

Logistic information

Dimensions of packed product (HxWxD): 92 × 64 × 72,3 cm
Gross weight: 47,4 kg
Product code: 594944
EAN code: 3838782024559