ASKO - ASKO Pro Wash

ASKO Pro Wash

ASKO Laundry appliances are packed with innovative features designed to make daily life easier. And because they’re made using quality steel parts, you can always look forward to years of reliable service. A minimalist design, a variety of programs and tailored washing solutions are just some of the smart features of our Scandinavian-inspired washing machines.

Our W4086P washer not only offers an environmentally friendly 5 star water and 5 star energy rating but also boasts the active Pro Wash washing system. 

5 star WELS water and 5 star energy rating

Lower water and energy consumption means lower running costs and savings on your water and energy bills.

ASKO Pro Wash™ provides extra washing power

Instead of just relying on the water at the bottom of the drum, the ASKO Pro Wash™ system actively circulates the water and detergent from the bottom of the drum to the top where two nozzles spray the mix over the inner drum which is then guided by the lifters and eventually sprayed onto the load. This means the load is soaked faster, which enables superb washing and rinsing performance even with very short washing cycles* . 

The 5 step Pro Wash process

The Pro Wash system in action