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With ASKO, the dream of a beautiful and efficient laundry can easily become a reality. Our laundry appliances are highly functional, packed with fantastic features, and designed with the Scandinavian flair that you’ll recognise from our stunning kitchen range. The gorgeous aesthetics and superb functionality of our models can transform any laundry into a space that is stylish on the surface and brilliant when in use.

While every item looks outstanding alone, ASKO laundry appliances are also designed to complement each other. This allows you to effortlessly combine your washing machine with a tumble dryer, drying cabinet, and other ASKO laundry products

User focused tumble dryers and front loading washing machines

The longevity of your laundry appliances is important for you and essential for the environment. This is why durability and sustainability are two of ASKO’s primary concerns when designing and developing any machine.

Our company’s Swedish roots certainly contribute to our commitment to the environment; after all, we have always had beautiful nature right on our doorstep. From the very beginning, caring for the environment has been an integral part of the ASKO culture.

For us, it’s not just about how much we use, but also how little we waste – in production, while our products are in use, and when they are disposed of. All our laundry appliances are built to last for a long time and remain water and energy efficient throughout their lifecycles. ASKO products are all marked for future recycling.  

Front Loading Washing Machines

Thanks to our SmartSeal technology, our models are the only ones that don’t use a rubber seal. This means our washing machines require less cleaning, don’t leave detergent residue, and – best of all – prevent leaking.

And that’s just the beginning of what makes our washing machines superior. Other brilliant features you’ll find in our units include:

  • Quattro – Four shock-absorbing legs to minimise vibration and keep operation quiet
  • ActiveDrum – Hourglass-shaped lifting paddles that separate out dirt and gravel while giving your clothes a gentler wash
  • SensiSave – Sensors that save energy and water by automatically detecting the size of your load and adjusting accordingly.

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Condenser and Heat Pump Tumble Dryers

Inspired by professional, industrial dryers, our models operate using a one-way tumbling process. This ensures each cycle is gentle on your fabrics and your clothes won’t be bundled or damaged. This system, which we call Butterfly Drying, uses two paddles creating a figure eight to ensure your garments stay fresh, clean and dry.

That’s not all though. ASKO dryers also come with a variety of other useful features to further enhance your laundry work. These include:

  • SensiDry – The dryer automatically detects when clothes are dry and switches itself off, saving you time and energy
  • Double lint filter – Eliminates lint, allowing your unit to run more efficiently and deliver high performance for many years
  • Reversible door – Hinge can be easily switched between left and right, meaning the dryer is ideal for any laundry layout
  • Heat Pump – Advanced heating technology ensures outstanding energy efficiency and superb results 

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Drying Cabinets

Whether you’re concerned about the environment or just your electricity bill, a drying cabinet is the perfect solution for your household. These brilliant machines are effective – they can dry anything from bed sheets to boots in under two hours – yet they use a lot less electricity than the average dryer.

Don’t let the sleek and slim appearance of this appliance fool you; its capacity is equal to that of 16 metres on a clothes line. This gives you the ability to dry substantial loads of washing in a machine that looks sensationally sophisticated in your contemporary laundry.

Your ASKO drying cabinet will deliver outstanding results for your washing – even for bulky items and garments that require more delicate care. This machine is the perfect alternative for people who want dry and warm clothes with less creases.

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Hidden Helpers

Laundries are often smaller than ideal, but ASKO’s range of laundry appliances and accessories can help you make the most of the space you do have. Subtle and stylish, our single pull-out shelves and pedestal drawers blend perfectly with any modern laundry.

These helpful add-ons provide an extra touch of convenience to every load of washing you do. From loading dirty clothes to removing and folding clean, dry garments from the dryer, our Hidden Helpers make every stage of doing the laundry easier.

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Your Path to a Beautiful, Functional Laundry

Having a stylish and efficient laundry is possible with ASKO laundry appliances. Our Scandinavian designs keep your space looking stylish while brilliantly built machines produce high-quality and quick results for every load.

Discover the ASKO difference for yourself today. Delve deeper into our website to learn more about specific products, find your nearest ASKO dealer, or contact us directly to discuss how our appliances can enhance your home and lifestyle.