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XXL Dishwasher Range

ASKO XXL Dishwasher

Dishwashers which fill too quickly and need to be continually emptied are not part of the ASKO range. With improvements to our rack systems, our XXL dishwashers can wash as many as 16 place settings with perfect cleaning and drying results. 

Offering one of the largest capacities on the market, our XL and XXL models provide a loading height of 54/58cm for larger plates and taller glasses. 

Are you a big entertainer? If you're tired of wasting time pre-rinsing dishes before you load them in the dishwasher, you'll love our Super Cleaning System. The SCS blasts dishes before the main wash to give you a cleaner result.  

ASKO XL Dishwasher

ASKO standard models have an external height of 82cm and a total loading height of 54cm. As illustrated right, models with height adjustable baskets can adjust to allow for larger items to fit (up to 35cm on the bottom tray).

Whether you choose a white, stainless steel or fully integrated model, all our 82cm models are designed to blend into your kitchen surrounds for a seamless minimalist look. 

Even after a big meal, you can always be sure your newly washed dishes will be perfectly dry thanks to our turbo drying system. The turbo drying system removes hot air and moisture before it has time to cool and drip on dishes. 

One of the world's largest loading capacities

Our XXL dishwashers mean you can load 40% more compared to a standard dishwasher. The smart four level Flexirack system affords endless possibilities.

Our dishwashers are the largest ones on the inside but not on the outside. You don’t have to worry that they won’t fit into your kitchen. They will fit into cabinets of 863-913 mm (XXL) and 823-873 mm (XL).

ASKO dishwashers are available in white, stainless steel or fully integrated and come with amazing features including:

The Super Cleaning System
Turbo Drying 
Telescopic rails 
More stainless steel, less plastic 

*not available on all models. 

FlexiRack Solution

Flexi Tray™, with its own spray arm and space for sixteen place settings of cutlery, or other utensils. The width of the Flexi Tray™has been optimised to make room for tall glasses in the upper basket. If more space is needed, simply take it out (only available on selected models).

Loading height

Our exclusive upper baskets can be any way you want them. Place wine glasses in the folding and detachable wine glass holders. Put plates in the plate rack or fold down all the support and load the entire basket with gratin dishes. Fold up all the support once again and fill with just glasses. If you need more space in the baskets below, it can be raised up easily and then lowered again when you want to load taller objects.


* The glass must be tilted

** Applies to XXL dishwashers, with the middle basket removed and the upper basket in the topmost position, as the distance between the lower basket and the upper basket is then 39 cm, allowing a plate with a diameter of 39 cm to fit as the lower edge protrudes a little through the bottom of the basket. The plate must be placed between two pin rows.

*** 16 place settings and 6 star water rating in DBI865IGXXL and DFI666GXXL. Please refer to technical specifications for more details.