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Integrated Fridge Installation

Building a new home or undertaking a major kitchen renovation is an exciting time, and the best results are achieved with advance planning. ASKO simplifies the task by providing a huge appliance range in various configurations, sizes and colours so you can mix and match with a personalised approach. ASKO refrigerator installation is easily achieved thanks to appliances that are ready-made to fit within existing cabinetry and concealed for fully integrated contemporary kitchen style.

How should you install your integrated refrigerator?

Firstly, it’s important to note that ASKO integrated refrigerator installation should be carried out by a qualified service technician. ASKO refrigerators are premium products that last for many years, so it’s not worth taking risks that may damage the unit or nullify your warranty or insurance should anything go wrong. Secondly, your new ASKO fridge should not be connected to power or switched on until after installation is complete.

Are integrated fridges easy to install?

ASKO products are famous for seamless manufacture and easily accessed components, making them ideal for installation and service as fully integrated appliances. You can even personalise your ASKO kitchen with compatible appliances that include ovens, cooktops, rangehoods, dishwashers and more. In other words, your kitchen can be transformed into open plan living for convenient cooking and entertaining.

The seamless Scandinavian-style appeal is catching on fast, as seen in show homes and premium appliance retailers around Australia. With an integrated refrigerator there is nowhere for dust, crumbs and spills to gather, allowing you to keep your entire kitchen clean without needing to search out messy build-up on hands and knees.

How long does it take to install an integrated fridge?

When installed by an ASKO certified installation professional, the job will only take a couple of hours. Quality appliances deserve special care and attention for installation and servicing, and with more than 600 specialist ASKO retailers nationwide, there is sure to be an ASKO expert near you. Advantages of certified ASKO appliance installation include:

·        A two-hour time frame for completing the job. Your technician will keep in touch and organise a time that suits you, allowing you to get on with the rest of your day hassle-free.

·        A 12-month installation warranty for workmanship when installation is carried out by an ASKO-trained professional. We want your integrated refrigerator to function perfectly and look great.

·        Your service technician can give you a thorough product demonstration once the unit is installed so you can appreciate every available feature and function.

We make sure your ASKO integrated refrigerator installation is performed with care, expertise and right on time.

What should you consider before installing an integrated refrigerator?

You will need to coordinate your integrated refrigerator installation with your builder or carpenter. Your chosen refrigerator specifications will determine some aspects of kitchen and cabinetry design. Your refrigerator will need to be stationed close to a suitable power outlet and proximity to dedicated kitchen workspaces and other appliances.

You can even adapt your refrigerator to your home design by choosing the fridge door opening direction. For a fully integrated, concealed look, it’s definitely worth exploring wood panel door options for the perfect match with existing cupboards and cabinetry.

How can you contact an ASKO professional to install your fridge?

The popularity of ASKO appliances in Australia means there is ASKO professional assistance near you. ASKO integrated refrigerator delivery and installation is available in all major metro areas. Click here to find out more about ASKO certified installation, ProCare+, ASKO delivery post codes and your comprehensive ASKO appliance warranty.