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Integrated Fridge Freezers

Most refrigerators include a freezer, but only specialist appliance manufacturers combine the two compartments in synchronised harmony. All too often, poor quality fridges remain too warm, too cold, or full of icy build-up, resulting in costly energy bills, food spoilage and a reluctance to prepare healthy meals. ASKO refrigerators and freezers avoid these problems by incorporating innovative technology, superior insulation and the use of first-class materials into the design of every appliance.

Do fridges include a freezer compartment?

ASKO refrigerators include a spacious freezer for long-term storage at the ideal temperature. The 203cm stainless steel Pro Series Refrigerator RF2826 fridge and freezer also includes an electronic ice maker plus a convertible drawer for freezing or refrigeration according to your household requirements. The 127 litre freezer compartment capacity is incredibly effective, facilitating 6kg of frozen foodstuff storage within 24 hours for locking in freshness.

The freezer compartment is illuminated by LED lighting and contains two drawers for tailored freezing. The total NoFrost compartments are an ASKO innovation that maximises space and minimises refrigerator cleaning needs. At ASKO, we realise Australians are constantly on the go, so we design appliances that look great and perform optimally at all times. Special features built in to the RF2826 Fridge/Freezer include:

·        Dual refrigeration technology

·        Safety glass shelves that hold up to 22kg

·        Pull out shelves and vegetable drawer

·        Convertible freezer compartment

·        Built-in or freestanding refrigerator options

·        Reversible door options

·        Fully integrated options

·        Customised ASKO installation, service and repair

·        Extended warranty and a nation-wide ASKO retail network

Which refrigerators have a large freezer section?

The ASKO RF2826 Fridge/Freezer and the ASKO RWF2826 Wine Chiller/Freezer both have a large 127 litre freezer capacity plus independent climate and humidity control in every refrigerator zone. This adaptability allows users to utilise the entire refrigerator capacity at all times, without wasted space or unnecessary energy use. ASKO refrigerators are premium appliances that last for decades and cut hundreds of dollars yearly off energy bills. The 4-star energy rating is a sure-fire way to make sure you are saving money for the lifetime of your quality appliance.

If you are designing an entertainer’s kitchen to be proud of, you can even situate the RF2826 and RWF2826 refrigerators side-by-side for integrated excellence. The Wine Chiller/Freezer has capacity for storing up to 106 bottles of wine, with dual zones for both red and white wine. You also have the glass door option for showing off your wine collection, or the opportunity for complete integration, where refrigerator doors are matched with existing cupboards and cabinetry for seamless Scandinavian-style kitchen appeal.

What are the benefits of having a bottom compartment freezer?

Refrigerators have evolved over time, from single door appliances without a freezer, to single-door with freezer, side-by-side fridge/freezer, and finally the double-door refrigerators most commonly seen today with the freezer at the top or bottom. ASKO refrigerator design focuses on user-friendly appliances, and there are several immediate advantages in having the freezer compartment located at the bottom.

1: Having the freezer at the bottom places foodstuffs most commonly accessed within easy reach.

2: Fresh foods and beverages are at eye level, with no need to bend down to get to the vegetable drawer.

3: Warm air rises, so it makes energy-saving sense to keep frozen foods at the bottom of your refrigerator.

4: ASKO refrigerators provide wider food storage options compared to French-door style refrigerators.

5: No need for bending and stretching at awkward angles while on hands and knees for cleaning or maintenance of your refrigerator.