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Integrated Fridge Doors

When purchasing kitchen appliances, the refrigerator requires special consideration. Your new fridge will probably be the largest appliance you purchase, and creating the right balance with other products will improve both form and function in your kitchen. That’s why ASKO refrigerator design facilitates freestanding, built-in and fully integrated choices that match user preferences. ASKO refrigerator door options add to stylistic choices, allowing you to showcase your state-of-the-art appliance, or conceal it entirely out of sight when not in use.

What are the special features of ASKO refrigerator doors?

ASKO integrated refrigerator doors sit flush with surrounding cabinets and benchtops and the classy appearance will add value to any home. Your refrigerator door won’t jut out, swing against walls or other furniture, or be repeatedly bumped into. Integrated fridge installation leaves nowhere for crumbs, dust and spills to hide, allowing your kitchen to remain clean and ready for entertaining at all times.

ASKO refrigerators include both left or right opening doors that improve kitchen functionality and ergonomic performance. We are appliance specialists with many decades of dedicated manufacturing expertise using highest quality materials and special applications that make your life easier. Every compartment of you ASKO refrigerator, including the door, has been designed to maximise functionality with independent temperature controls and ingenious space saving innovations, allowing you to store every type of food and beverage at the perfect temperature.

What are refrigerator doors made of?

The best refrigerator doors are constructed with highest quality stainless steel that won’t tarnish or perish. Premium manufacturers such as ASKO use materials that ensure your appliance lasts for decades. The trend toward built-in and fully integrated kitchen products is a positive step toward sustainability, and an alternative to purchasing cheap products that progressively diminish in performance and energy efficiency.

Integrated refrigerators are a cut above the rest and outlast no-name brands and newcomers to the appliance market by decades. ASKO refrigerator doors incorporate superior insulation and a complete seal that is guaranteed to lock in freshness. With ASKO, your refrigerator door is easy to open yet seamlessly connected, saving you even more money during the lifetime of your product. In addition, your ASKO refrigerator has multiple adaptable temperature zones for chilling and freezing, ensuring all energy is targeted and nothing is wasted.

What stylish finishes can you choose from?

ASKO refrigerators are designed for Australians who expect superior product quality and performance, and the stylish refrigerator doors are no exception. The ASKO Pro Series kitchen products and appliances are all sturdily constructed with stainless steel and other pure materials. The appeal of minimalist Scandinavian style is immediately apparent, and every component has been manufactured to last for many years. ASKO refrigerator door options include:

Stainless Steel Door DPRF2826S

Stylishly simple in high quality stainless steel, this refrigerator door opens up a new world of refrigeration, including a separate crisper drawer with independent temperature controls. Ingenious space saving capabilities courtesy of ASKO manufacturing expertise makes refrigeration and freezing a convenient frost-free experience that will be the envy of your friends. With an overall loading capacity of more than 400 litres, this refrigerator is big enough for any family.

Stainless Steel Door DPRWF2826S

Connoisseurs of the finer things in life need look no further than this classy refrigerator door specially designed for showing off your wine collection. The generous sized window, coupled with superior insulation qualities allows you to showcase both red and white wines chilled to perfection and ready to be enjoyed. For an added touch of class, you can even situate your refrigerator and wine chiller/freezer side by side in integrated style.

What can you store in a refrigerator door?

Adjustable ASKO refrigerators door shelves allow you to mix-and-match storage solutions. Your refrigerator door can hold taller bottles and containers upright, saving overall space and providing easy access to milk, juice and other beverages. With ASKO, there need be no unwanted spills that require cleaning up, while fans of fully integrated appliances can also adapt the fridge door using materials that match kitchen design, without compromising refrigeration capability.