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Fridge Cleaning Guide

The refrigerator is a kitchen appliance that should always be kept clean. Storage of raw and cooked foods, condiments and drinks needs to be hygienic in order for foodstuffs to remain healthy and free from harmful bacteria. ASKO refrigerators and freezers are designed with adjustable and removable drawers and shelves, plus the Total NoFrost freezer compartment for convenient and fast integrated refrigerator maintenance and cleaning.

How should you clean an integrated refrigerator?

Integrated appliances fit seamlessly within kitchen cabinetry, leaving no place for dust, crumbs and other food residues to hide. Modern kitchens feature open-plan styling incorporating matching doors, handles and other features that conceal appliances when not in use, automatically saving you time on kitchen cleaning duties. In addition, ASKO appliances are made from first-class materials that are resistant to staining and easy to clean with mild detergent and water.

An unclean refrigerator is often caused by impractical design using poor-quality materials. ASKO takes the opposite approach, with development focusing on appliance user convenience and long-lasting components that don’t stain or perish. Innovative ASKO refrigerator design includes:

Dual refrigeration: Optimum flavour and texture of food products is maintained using temperature and humidity-controlled compartments. You can create the ideal temperature in every area of your refrigerator, saving on wasted foods, grocery bills and cleaning expense.

Convertible drawer:  Overcrowding is a major reason for food going rotten, with inevitable staining the result. Your ASKO Integrated Refrigerator avoids this problem with the addition of a convertible extra drawer with independent temperature controls. You can choose between freezer, fresh-food or wine mode.

More flexible compartments: The special cooling drawer features an ingenious adjustable divider that is easily switched between five positions, allowing you to store different items at the right temperature.

What are some tips for keeping ASKO refrigerators clean?

At ASKO, we understand that cleaning needs to be convenient and fast without sacrificing the quality Scandinavian-style appearance. Here are a few tips to get the cleaning job done in no time.

·        If embarking on a major clean, remove all foodstuffs from the fridge so you can access all corners and crevices.

·        Remove shelves and drawers for soaking in warm soapy water while you clean the refrigerator cavity.

·        Use warm water and mild dishwashing detergent for natural and healthy cleaning without using harsh chemicals.

·        For difficult to remove stains, use baking soda mixed with warm water rather than powdered chemicals and bleach that can tarnish and stain.

·        Follow ASKO appliance user cleaning instructions along with appropriate cleaning measures for wood panelling.

How often should you clean your integrated fridge?

This will depend on your household style, however, it’s a good idea to clean noticeable spills and splashes immediately to avoid potential staining or stuck on food and drink residues that are difficult to remove. ASKO integrated appliances are something to be proud of and worth showing off, making a little dedicated attention to a regular cleaning schedule worth it.

What should you use to clean your fridge?

The refrigerator exterior

Door handles and trim can be cleaned using a clean cloth and mild detergent. Dry with a soft clean cloth. Don’t use wet or stained towels that can leave a damaging residue on the quality finish. Avoid harsh scourers or heavy-duty powdered cleaners that can scratch and damage the finish. Stainless steel doors and other components should be cleaned using a dedicated stainless-steel cleaner for a showroom quality finish. Integrated wood panels should be also be cleaned with an appropriate wood cleaning product.

The refrigerator interior

If you are embarking on a major fridge clean you will first need to ensure the power is turned off. ASKO refrigerators are built using stainless steel, sturdy glass shelves and a seamless enamel finish; all easily cleaned with a solution of 15ml of baking soda mixed with 1 litre of warm water. This easy-clean solution cleans powerfully without damaging and is also great for neutralising odours. Rinse and wipe dry with a clean absorbent cloth. All plastic components can be cleaned the same way. Don’t use hot water to clean refrigerator glass as the sudden temperature change can cause glass to crack.